A 54 Year Old Man Swallowed Diamond Ring and the Reason is Just Heartbreaking

A man swallowed a diamond ring in a jewelry shop in Turkey.

A manbelonging to Ireland has swallowed a precious diamond ring in Turkey’s jewelrystore. During the trial, the person told the defendant that he had done becausehe was in shock.

IanCampbell, who was on holiday in Turkey on 4th October, 2018, wasarrested by the authorities. He had stolen a $ 40,000 diamond ring from thelocal jeweler shop and due to the fear of apprehend he swallowed the ring.

Accordingto the eyewitnesses, when Ian had found that he going to caught due to the theft,he swallowed the ring immediately. Later on he was arrested and was taken tothe hospital where doctors tried to get out of the ring through the natural waywith the help of medicines.

Butunfortunately the ring stuck and the doctors has performed surgery to removeit.

Accordingto reports the 54-year-old Ian was hospitalized for two days. The doctors gave himlaxatives medicines and used other tricks to remove the ring, but all in veinbecause the ring got stuck in his stomach.

An x-ray scan at the hospital showed that the ring with a 2.5-carat diamond was still in Campbellā€™s intestines.

A 54 Year Old Man Swallowed Diamond Ring and The Reason is Just Heartbreaking

Last week, Turkish authorities filed a criminal case against Ian and he told interesting and odd stories in a statement. He said he was shocked to see the ring and swallowed it. After that he became unconscious, but when he came to senses, the ring had gone to his stomach. He added that his wife had died and her wedding ring was lost, so whenever he sees a ring he tries to get it as soon as possible.

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