Online Mobile Phones Registration System Lets You Register Phones From Home

Online Mobile Phones Registration System Lets You Register Phones From Home

Online Mobile Phones Registration System for those who bring mobile phones from overseas.

There is good news for the people who are coming to Pakistan, now they don’t need to register their mobile phones at the airport.

The people who bring mobile phones from overseas can register their phones directly from their home instead of making them registered at airport.

Those Pakistanis who come from abroad can now register their mobile phones while sitting at home. As per the declaration of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the people who come from abroad will now be able to register their mobile phones by reaching home as the authority has decided to make an online mobile phone registration system.

According to the sources, the PTA system will be linked with the website, after which the people who forget the registration of the phone at the airport, will be able to register their mobile phone by reaching the home.

The online system will be developed in the next few days. The PTA has set up its counters for all mobile phones registered on major enterprises.

Pakistanis from abroad can bring more than five mobile phones in the country, while the one phone is custom free and for the rest, they have to pay the customs fee.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Information Technology has devised the way to register the unregistered mobile phones till 15th January, and if the phone is not registered after the 15th January you need to pay the duty to make it underuse.

In this regard, the authority has issued a notification and as per the notification, the owners of the non-use mobile phone sets will have to pay 10 percent fine in addition to the customs fee.

The notification has revealed that the owners with unregistered new mobile phone sets have to pay the fine to the respective offices of the FBR.

After paying the tax and fine of 10 percent on non-use mobile phone, PTA will activate the device.

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