Only Desi Pakistani Can Do These Weird Things

Only Desi Pakistani Can Do These Weird Things

There are a number of weird thing that can only be done by the desi Pakistani .

There are a number of weird thing our Pakistani , whose example is rarely found in the rest of the world. They do not express about these weird things in front of others but surly do them with confidence. So today we will tell you about these weird things that only desi Pakistani can do and feel proud of doing all these things.

If you are really a desi Pakistani you probably do these things. So let’s check them out below:

When the shampoo is over, we pour a little water in the bottle shake it well and use and also save for other day shower.

Only Desi Pakistani Can Do These Weird Things

We do not buy new toothpaste until the old finish properly and in some cases cut it in the middle and extract by inserting toothbrush.

Only Desi Pakistani Can Do These Weird Things

We buy vegetables daily and pay for it but always ask for free dhaniya (coriander leaves) and hari mirch (green chilies).

When get a gift place it in the drawing room as a show piece and also save the wrapper for later use.

Don’t have the breakfast if we are invited in a lunch or also skip the lunch if invited in a wedding function.

Never remove the plastic cover from new things either car seats, chair’s plastic covers and also remote cover, thinking that the things will remain new as long as possible.

If the remote doesn’t work, we put out the one cell and scratch on the floor and also beat the crap out of it but not change the battery.

We do have Fine Bone China Crockery in our home but we only use them when guests comes and those plastic or steel bartan for daily use.

And we know the proper use of a saucer.

If something comes in a plastic containers usually ice cream container gets stored in the cabinet for future use.

Ask the shop keeper to have an extra bag.

Only Desi Pakistani Can Do These Weird Things

If you do all these weird things you are a pure desi Pakistani so prude to be a desi.

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