Pak Army Museum is The Best Place To Visit on 23rd March in Lahore

Pak Army Museum is The Best Place To Visit on 23rd March in Lahore. The Pakistan Day, Pakistan Resolution Day or Republic Day will be observed in the country with great zeal and on 23rd March 2018. There will be a public holiday on that day and in order to celebrate the Pakistan Day with your family the Pak Army Museum is the best place to visit in Lahore.

Pak Army Museum in Lahore is the best place to visit with your kids to make them aware with the importance of Pakistan Day, Resolution Day or Republic Day in the history of Pakistan.

The Pak Army Museum opened in Lahore in September 2017 and includes the historical moments of Pakistan like history and heritage of Pakistan Movement titled ‘Rebirth of a Nation’, Quaid, Armed Forces of Pakistan, the army’s fight against terrorism, Nishane Haider Gallery, Kashmir corner, Shahada corner, the highest battlefield of Siachen and also the contributions of Pakistan in United Nations.

The Pak Army Museum in Lahore is one of the best places to aware the young generation with the history of Pakistan and about the sacrifices of our ancestors in getting the freedom.

The Pak Army Museum is located in the Cantt Lahore.

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