Pak Suzuki Increase the Price of Suzuki Mehran

Pak Suzuki Increase the Price of Suzuki Mehran

Pak Suzuki has increased the prices of all its Suzuki Mehran variants. The prices of new Suzuki model vehicles have been increased from 8 Lac and the company has also included new security devices in them. According to the reports Suzuki in Pakistan has made 24 thousand increase in the prices of its new base vehicles.

On the other hand Experts believed that the increase in Mehran’s price came as a result of a huge 53 percent drop in Pak-Suzuki profits during the past 9 months but the company keeps on increasing the prices.

The new prices VX Mehran is Rs.679,000

Mehran VXR is Rs. 732,000

Mehran VX CNG is Rs.749,000

Mehran VXR CNG is Rs. 802,000

However, Suzuki has introduced a new security system in their new models. Suzuki has installed the Immobilizer devices in new models as this device will prevent vehicle theft.

Moreover the advantage of new features is that the car will be able to start only with a key or token.

The surge in prices has been a substantial decrease in demand new models of base vehicles, while according to experts the demand of Japanese cars has overtaken the Mehran demand.

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