Pakistan Day Parade 2021

Pakistan Day Parade 2021

Everything about the Pak Army’s Pakistan Day Parade 2021

The military parade on Pakistan Day on 23rd March is expected to be held at the federal capital. Pakistan Day is a day on enormous significance and worth for Pakistanis. On 23rd March 1940, Lahore Resolution (Later named Pakistan Resolution) was passed by the All India Muslim League in Minto Park, Lahore.

The Pakistan Resolution emphasized the tenacity to make a discrete homeland for the Muslims of the sub-continent. Today we live in a free land, enjoy life and liberty only because our descendants had offered uncountable scarifies.

In order to celebrate Pakistan Day with countless zeal, the online shops and other businesses in Pakistan are offering huge discounts for the people.

This Pakistan Day Parade will be held on 23rd March in the Federal Capital. will feature Pakistan Army, Navy, and the Air Force contingents.

At the Pakistan Day Parade notables from all over the world will be present at the event.

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