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Pakistani Old Citizens will Perform Hajj 2019 Without Lucky Draw

Govt to send ten thousand old citizens for hajj 2019 without lucky draw

The federal government has determined to send ten thousand senior citizens on hajj in 2019 while not having to attend for the lucky draw, local media reports aforementioned.

The Ministry for Religious Affairs reportedly determined this in a meeting, and once obtaining a nod from the cabinet, it’s created all the required arrangements during this regard.

As per the report, this year, a complete of 107,000 pilgrims can move to Asian nation for hajj below the government’s quota, out of that eighty seven thousand can bear the lucky draw method.

The report suggests that old citizens, over eighty years aged, won’t ought to participate within the lucky draw and can directly select hajj below the government’s hajj scheme 2019.

The government has additionally determined to incorporate those who had been rejected throughout the past 3 years during this quota.

The report additionally suggests that the federation is mulling to permit the maximum amount as five thousand laborers for hajj on grant below the scheme.

Here’s what the report of the 92 NEWS revealed:

It is price mentioning here that the govt goes to announce hajj expenses for 2019 shortly. As per sources, the govt aims at securing a grant of Rs. 40,000 per person on hajj expenses that, if approved, can cap the whole price at Rs. 380,000.

However, till the grant gets approved, the complete price of this hajj 2019 is marked at Rs. 420,000 per person. Last year, the hadj expenses for Pakistan’s southern and northern regions amounted to Rs. 270,000 and Rs. 280,000 aside from the separate charges valuing Rs. 13,050 for the animal sacrifice.

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