People Using Mobile Spy Apps for Spying their Partners

People Using Mobile Spy Apps for Spying their Partners

Mobile Spy Apps for Android and iOS devices that people are using to spy their partners.

People Using Mobile Spy Apps for Spying their Partners. Hackers used different tricks to hack computers and mobile phones, but now a days mobile applications (apps) have been used by people who have the intention to spy anyone. People are using these android and iOS applications to spy and it is said that the Google and Apple companies are selling these spy applications and also helping the developers in creating that applications.

As per the reports of MailOnline, these applications are available on Apple App Store and Google App Store, anyone can buy them by paying the cheap cost.

By installing these mobile spy apps in the phones of others (intended to spy) people can hack their mobile phones and can read their messages, get their call details, and also can probe into their WhatsApp and SnapChat messages. People can also use these mobile spy apps in order to track the location.

Among these application the famous one is mSpy App and people can get the services of this spy application by paying the annual fee of £ 149.99 (about Rs 26,000 PKR).

There are also a number of spy apps that serve the same purpose and can be installed in the phone of the people who are intended to monitor.

How these Mobile Spy Apps Work?

These spy applications’ icons disappear after the installation in the mobile phone and the target does not even get idea that his/her phone is being spied.

The developers of these mobile spy apps claim that it is made for parents so that they can monitor their children activities, but the investigation has found that these applications are being misused.

People are mostly using these spy applications for the spying of their husbands or wives who suspect them is incompatible with anyone else.

A person who is using the MSpy application told that he was suspicious about his girlfriend and he installed this application on her phone and received all her SMS, Watsapp messages and all other types of messaging on his phone.

He said that he even got the deleted WhatsApp messages of her girlfriend.

Other application is also available on Google play store called ‘Remote Spy‘ and its monthly fee is £ 20 (Rs. 3500 PKR). The ‘Phone Tracker Spy Phone’, enable people to track locations and movements by harvesting a target’s GPS data from their mobile phone.

The sole aim of all these application is the parent control and to keep children safe but turned out to be the reason of domestic violence.

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