Peshawar Zoo Scheduled to Open in February

Peshawar Zoo Scheduled to Open in February

Peshawar Zoo Scheduled to Open in February. Zoo is the centre of attraction for the children.  Children love to visit zoo to meet their favourite animals, but unfortunately the children of Peshawar was not able to enjoy.

Families mostly visit other cities including Lahore and Islamabad to see zoo. But now the people of Peshawar to have the zoo in their own city. Peshawar is all set to have the first ever zoo of the city. The Peshawar Zoo is schedule to open for the public in February.

The Peshawar Zoo was earlier schedule to open in December, 2017 but the road construction outside the zoo has halted the inauguration.

On the other hand the Peshawar zoo has already been completed and covers an area of 29 acres filled with gardens and animals along with play areas for children.

The Peshawar zoo authorities have fetched the animals from other zoos in the country such as Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

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