PIA Introduces EEC in its Flights for Umrah Pilgrims

PIA Introduces EEC in its Flights for Umrah Pilgrims. PIA has introduced Executive Economy Class (EEC) in its flight for Umrah pilgrims.  According to PIA spokesperson Umrah pilgrims will be able to enjoy EEC in Jeddah and Madina Munarwa bound flights.

Business class facility will be provided to Umrah pilgrims in EEC wherein they will be served business class meal. The pilgrims will be allowed to take with them 5 kilograms additional luggage. PIA has also announced to operate extra Umrah flights besides scheduled flights for Umrah pilgrims from Pakistan.

According to PIA spokesperson 4 additional flights will be launched from Karachi, 3 Islamabad, 2 Lahore and one from Multan during the next two weeks.

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