Plane Crashed in 1953 Become a Popular Coffee Shop in Skardu

Plane Crashed in 1953 Become a Popular Coffee Shop in Skardu

Plane Crashed in 1953 Become a Popular Coffee Shop in Skardu. If you are in Skardu and not visited the orient skyliner café then you missed one gem of a place. Skardu is definitely one of the most charming hill stations in Pakistan.

The Resort welcomes you with a heart-capturing view of the Lower Kachura Lake and the DC-3 aircraft Café, the plane crashed on 3rd October 1953, and now a beautiful café.

Although the plan had met the crash but the passengers survived the crash and the plane never saw another day in the sky.

The aircraft was not totally damaged and brought by the Brig (Retd) Mohammed Aslam Khan who fetched it to an orchard near his resort. And he then converted the plan into a café at Shangrilla Resort. The plane now serves as a coffee shop for the tourists and is now decorated with small tables and chairs.

This resort has a heart-shaped lake and this name was taken from a book published in 1920, which was also titled as Shangrila.

Here have a look on the breathtaking beauty of plane café and Shangrila Resort.

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