Please Stay Away From These Fake Tips To Treat and Prevent Coronavirus

These fake tips to treat and prevent coronavirus may result in serious health issues.

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the world and there is no vaccination yet to cure this epidemic. However, there are a number of tips and trick revolving on social media regarding the treatment of Coronavirus. These tips are spreading rapidly and people think them useful to treat it but all these could be extremely dangerous for health.  

There are a number of claims say that these are helpful in treating and preventing coronavirus but there is a need to understand what science says about them.


There are a number of posts on social networking sites including Facebook, suggesting that eating garlic may help prevent coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that although garlic has a number of health benefits.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that although garlic has a number of health benefits.

It’s a healthy diet that may have certain antimicrobial properties but there is no evidence that eating garlic protects people from the coronavirus.

No doubt this kind of treatment is harmless unless you trust it and ignore the (Corona) certified medical advice in this regard. But to rely on such tips also have the potential health hazards.

According to report a woman who was taken to the hospital after eating 1.5kg of raw garlic. Eating garlic in such quantities caused severe irritation in her throat.

It’s a fact that eating fruits and vegetables and drinking water in the right amount is good for health. However, there is no evidence that eating a certain type of food will increase the immune response to a particular virus.

Miraculous Minerals

A well-known YouTuber Jordan Sather has been found claiming that ‘miraculous minerals‘ totally eliminate the coronavirus and these minerals are named as “MMS”.

Jordan Sather, who has thousands of followers on YouTube, found claiming that these miraculous minerals are good to prevent this infection, though these minerals contain Chlorine dioxide, which is a bleaching agent and is not safe for human health.

Sather and his colleagues have started promoting these minerals before the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

This year in January, he tweeted, “Chlorine dioxide not only effectively eradicating cancer but also eliminates the coronavirus.”

Last year, the US Food and Drug Administration had warned that drinking these minerals could be dangerous for health.

The Food and Drug Administration says, “We are not aware of any research that shows that such type of products are effective in treating any disease.”

The US agency added that drinking these minerals can show symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, cholera and severe water deficiency in the body.

Homemade Hand Sanitizers

When this epidemic outbreak in the world there have also been numerous reports that hand sanitizers are now out of stock in a number of countries and the main reason for it the frequent hand washing for preventing coronavirus.

When the news of hand wash shortage spread in Italy a number of homemade hand sanitizers’ recipes come on social media.

But many such homemade hand sanitizers’ recipes can help to clean the surface or floor at home but not at all beneficial for human beings.

Colloidal silver

A famous American TV show host Jim Baker encouraged the use of colloidal silver in one of his programs.

Colloidal silver is actually the fine particle of silver metal in the form of any liquid. One guest participating in the program claimed that the solution was capable of eliminating the coronavirus germs within 12 hours and also boost the immune system.

The creator of this solution claim that this solution can cure all kinds of ailments because it has anti-bacterial properties.

However, the US health administration said that there is no clear evidence that this type of solution is helpful in treating and preventing any such disease.

On the other hand, they said that it may have an adverse effect on human health and could damage kidneys and other health issues.

The health official said that only iron and zinc are helpful to form the body and the silver metal has nothing to do with human health.

People who were involved in advertising colloidal silver on Facebook are now sending out warning messages from the Facebook administration.

Drinking water every 15 minutes

There is also a post circulating on social media describes an alleged ‘Japanese doctor’ message. The message states that drinking water every 15 minutes eliminates all viruses in the mouth.

An Arabic version of this message has been shared more than two million times.

The professor Trudy Long of the University of Oxford said that there is no biological mechanism that supports the fact that you can only pass water from your mouth to kill the virus.

Coronavirus enters the body through the respiratory tract while you breathe.

It is more important to drink a good amount of water is beneficial for health but consuming regular water will not prevent you from becoming infected with the coronavirus.

In addition, there are several suggestions that suggest that heat kills the virus. So drink hot water, shower with hot water can prevent the infection.

There is also a suggestion that suggested that stay away from cold beverages and ice-creams. But all these are just speculations. There is no specific concern between hot/cold water and coronavirus prevention.

Once the virus enters your body there is no effective mechanism that you can get rid of. It’s only your immune system that fights against the virus and kills it.

To conclude that it is important to stay away from such types of fake tips and trick prevailing on social media to treat and prevent the coronavirus. You just need to follow the necessary precautions for preventing coronavirus from spreading to others in homes and communities.

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