Precautionary Measures in Nuclear Attack

Inthe era of which human being can face the most terrible non-violent disaster isthe nuclear attack. You can save your life if an atomic bomb dropped in yourcity. Here is how you can save your life if there will be nuclear attack.

Danger of nuclearattack?

Currentlythere are 20000 nuclear weapons available in the world. The countries which arethe biggest threat to nuclear attacks are,

  • SouthKorea
  • NorthKorea
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Israel
  • Iran

In addition to this, Russia and America can also be the target of nuclear weapons. In the war situation enemy mostly target the capital city, main military areas, main cities and most populated areas.

Be updated with thecurrent situation:

Ifthere is war in your country keep you updated with the current situationbecause the nuclear attack is always the last option in the war. Determineyourself from your country and international affairs and prepare yourself inthe war.

Build Safe Shelter:

Ifyou think there will be a nuclear attack you can only save its effects if youhave a strong and secure shelter.

Thebest and secure place would be at least 10 feet below the ground floor. Safeshelters can be made on the ground, but it will not be able to completelyprevent the radiation. The secure shelters would be made with the concrete insteadof common bricks. But if you are using the common bricks make sure to use thefive layers of bricks instead of one.

Store Essential Things:

Youneed to store essential things that are enough for at least 2 to 3 weeks.

Hereis the list of things that you must carry with you in your secure shelter.

Have tin packed food, vegetables, fruits, but not carry meat in tin food in order to avoid the food poisoning.

Distilledor mineral water bottles.

Alarge tank of water that will be used for bathing.

Aradio (remember your mobile will be useless in the first attack of radiation)


Books(which will help in passing time underground).

FirstAid Kit

Medicines(in which fever, headaches, body ache pills, sleeping pills).

Batteries,Torches, or alternative electricity options.

Potassiumiodide pills (use it on the first day of nuclear attack).

Apartfrom this, penicillin potassium and septic antiseptic spray.

What to do if thereis nuclear attack?

Inthe case of any terrible nuclear attack, the first principle of survival is tocontrol the senses.

Withina second of a nuclear attack, you will heard a loud explosion and immediatelysee a storm of several mile high like a mushroom shape.

Withthis shape of explosion you can understand it is a nuclear attack.

Start the struggle tosurvive:

Thereare three stages of nuclear disaster,


2.Full out

3.Radioactive storm

Do and don’ts:

Ifnuclear attack occurred with the one and half miles away from your location. It’sclear you about to die stand up immediately Recite Kalama, because within asecond your body will evaporate in seconds.

Ifyou are at a distance far away from the nuclear attack, you have the chance tosurvive.

Youhave just a five second after hearing the first explosion, try to run awayopposite direction of the nuclear attack. Reach the wall or a deep place, laydown on the ground, holding your hands on the head cover your ear and crossyour legs.

Atthe same time, you will be hearing another blast which will be stronger thanthe first one. This will produce severe earthquake.

Youescaped initially so listening the second blast try to go hurriedly towardsyour shelter.

Full Out:

Inthe first blast, hundreds of buildings will not only fly toward the sky buttheir debris will come down like rain and at the same time their radiationfilled alpha particles will come down.

Don’tturn back to see the blast and try to save yourself from the fallen things.

Ifyou reached at the right place, you escaped from the fall out.

Enteryour shelter and without delay change your clothes because during your struggleto reach the safe place it absorbed thousands of alpha particles.

Ifyou are injured immediately clean your wounds and take bath if you can becausein this way all the alpha particles will be removed from your body.

Nowthere is a radiation storm and you have to stay in a shelter for several days.

Important Things to Remember:


Spendyour time by sleeping.  

Mustlisten radio to keep yourself updated.


Inthe next few days, you may suffer from radiation and can suffer from fever, vomitingand shortness of breath. So try to use the medicines you have.

Worshipto Allah and seek His forgiveness if you are a believer.

Aftermore than 5 days the rescue teams will reach your area. So make it sure if thereis rescue team is there get out of your shelter and contact with them so youcan get rid of radiation area immediately.

Ifthere is not rescue operation in your area stay in your shelter for 20 days andafter 20 days you can come out because the radiation storm has ended so far.

Finally Travel toLife:

It is quite possible that when you out of your shelter you feel that you are alive in millions. So try to leave the area as soon as possible to live your life.

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