PSO Launches Fully Synthetic CK-4 Graded Diesel Engine Oil in Pakistan

PSO Launches Fully Synthetic CK-4 Graded Diesel Engine Oil in Pakistan

For the first time ever, PSO launches fully synthetic CK-4-graded diesel engine oil in Pakistan. Staying true to its commitment to driving the energy sector forward, the leading energy company, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has added yet another product to its extensive portfolio by introducing the latest technology around the world as per API standards – DEO MAX, the country’s first fully synthetic CK-4 graded diesel engine oil.

Being the first of its kind in Pakistan, DEO Max offers longer oil drain intervals, enhanced engine protection, and reduced emissions.

The rising concerns about its predecessor’s (CJ-4) inability to withstand the aggressive & harsh operating environment of technically advanced engines brought forward the need for a new, improved and cost-efficient solution. Since its launch globally, CK-4 engine oils already have a proven performance track record confirming their robustness, reliability, and economic efficiency.

In comparison to its predecessor CJ-4, CK-4 prolongs the oil change interval by up to 60%. Revolutionizing the energy landscape in Pakistan, DEO Max is formulated to deliver exceptional performance in modern as well as pre-dated heavy diesel engines. Technology being used in DEO Max has passed strict performance tests to qualify where API CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, CI-4 & CH-4 oils are recommended.

Built with the world’s best lubricant additive, DEO Max is available countrywide at all PSO retail forecourts, Hi street lubricant markets, and also throughout the B2B segment.

Being the national flag bearer, PSO continues to be at the forefront of introducing new and advanced technologies in every sphere of its operations as it pledges to enhance the fueling experience in Pakistan.

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