PSO Refutes Petrol Shortage Rumors

PSO Refutes Petrol Shortage Rumors

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has refuted all the rumors spread by some circles that there would be the petrol shortage in the country in November due to the transition to Ron 92 fuel.

The PSO was of the view that the transition to Ron 92 Fuel in Pakistan would be smooth and on time.

A statement issued by the National Oil Company said that Pakistan state oil has clearly refused the so called rumors by some circles. The company said that there is efficient fuel available in the country and there would be no shortage of petrol at all the PSO Outlets in the country.

The government decision to import higher grades of Mogas and compliance of the same by all Oil Marketing Companies will be on time and the first consignment would arrive in the end of October 2016 in Pakistan.

Now the High Octane Blending Content (HOBC) RON 92 Fuel will be available in Pakistan. The first consignment of the Ron 92 is to bring 55,000 tons of efficient fuel in Pakistan by the end of October.

Almost all the countries across the world is selling the high octane Ron 92, while the petrol pumps in Pakistan are still offering Ron 87 as standard fuel. The Oman Trading international Ltd (OTI) will supply the first consignment of the Ron 92 fuel to Pakistan.


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