Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident

How Red Lipstick can boast you confidence and can add charm to your personality.

Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident. Every female desires to look elegant and classy in a way that she became the center of attraction. For this reason makeup is a must needed thing. When we talk about makeup, mind clicked on the word “lipstick” ?

I do not know why , but I somehow feel prettier with red lipstick. Perhaps this is a kind of vulnerability Christina Aguilera.

Red lipstick is that color which add glow in your face and it is also considered as symbol of power & passion. Red is a color that never goes out of style. It’s one of those shades that just can’t turn uncool. When you are feeling low or not in mood just apply red lipstick and you will feel confident and pleased in a second. Red lipstick gives you strong masculine energy. Red narrate our emotions of happiness, falling in love , passion,  danger & jealousy.

When you are going to attend party just have red lipstick on your face and you will feel change in yourself by looking prominent and catchy. In working place red lipstick mark your impression as self-assured, those women who wear dark eye and lip makeup were viewed as more proficient than the ones who were bald-faced. Moreover scientists found that the eye movements of 50 men spent 2.2 seconds on lipstick-free mouths, 6.7 seconds on pink lips, and 7.3 seconds looking at red lips.

Red lipstick makes you younger and hides your actual age as it gives you bold look and enhances your facial appearance so it’s a tool to look younger in older age. It suits on every skin tone. You just need a red lipstick and your whole makeover is done so having red lipstick in your handbag is always blessing. Want to take stunning selfies just have red lipstick on your lips , you will have dazzling pictures. Those who wear less have low confidence level as compared to those who love to wear red lipstick.

Lip liner accompanying red lipstick gives your lip refined look as it locks the lipstick on your lips, so always have it in same color. If Red lipstick is carried on solid black outfit it looks great and don’t you even dare to wear pink with it any accessory of pink color will play role of evil in your appealing face so be careful.

A married woman needs to wear red lipstick more as it makes you attention seeker and bold in style. Smallest cosmetic product to conquer the heart of your husband.

As If You want a man to notice you , just wear red lipstick.

Here are some adore & popular  shades of red lipstick :

  • Ruby Woo by Mac:

  • Its a vivid bluish-red, a long-wearing Lipstick formula with intense colour that offers a completely matte finish. Its a is a bright-red matte and classic lipstick that matches perfectly with every skin tone and is a favorite of many celebrities across the world.
  • Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Rouge CoCo Gabrielle from the Chanel:

  • It is ultra hydrating lip colour with the next-generation formula that provides full coverage with a creamy yet lightweight finish.Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red:

  • The Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red is the most darling matt finish lip color of a huge number of celebrities and also the fashion conscious ladies.  Its a  plump, hydrated lipstick with a matte finish formula that offers the true red payoff that amping up the glamour for that classic old Hollywood effect.Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Tom Ford Lip Color in Cherry Lush:

  • Tom Ford Lip Lipstick is a vibrant, blue-based red with hints of pink. It has a creamy texture, the luminous, opaque formula keeps lips hydrated.  It provides pure color with just the perfect balance of radiance.Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Rimmel Kate Lipstick (001):

  • The Rimel Kate Lipstick is the perfect hue of the dark and vibrant red color that offers the iconic finish and makes you sexy and unconventional, just like Kate.Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and Confident
  • Nars Semi Matte Lipstick:

  • Its a best lipstick ever that does not makes you lips feel dry as most of the other matt eformulas but still stays put. This Nars Semi Matt Lipstick in red color lipstick delivers a longwearing, full-coverage finish with a perfect blend of conditioners and antioxidants hydrate, nourish lips.Red Lipstick Makes You Attractive and ConfidentYou can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page , keep yourself updated on Linkedin and Instagram for all the latest from Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Gadgets, Latest Government Jobs, Cooking Recipes, Health and Beauty, Autos and Vehicles and Much More.

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