Samsung Will Launch Galaxy S9 and S9+ with 4GB RAM

Samsung Will Launch Galaxy S9 and S9+ with 4GB RAM

Samsung Will Launch Galaxy S9 and S9+ with 4GB RAM. Samsung will launch the Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones within few months and there are a number of circulating rumours that suggest these both devices by Samsung will come having 4GB of RAM.

We see that the company has brought out a number of changes in its latest Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices and now the new information revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will also come with 4GB RAM only. It means that Samsung has no desire to change the RAM size and rest of the features of its upcoming devices besides changing the screen size.

We can see several mobile manufacturer companies are launching their devices having 6GB of RAM now and some of them are even coming with the 8GB.

However, the tech giant Samsung is still offering the upcoming devices having the 4GB of RAM. The company has featured the Note 8 with 6GB of RAM and it does not make sense if they lower the RAM in their next flagship.

The company has given Galaxy S9 and S9+ model numbers SM-G960 and SM-G965 respectively and the Geekbench has revealed that the SM-G965 device will have the same amount of RAM, an octa-core processor with upcoming Exynos 9810.

Furthermore, Samsung is going to launch the  Galaxy device before time, most probably in January.

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