Saudi Arabia Launches Hajj Live streaming Service

Saudi Arabia Launches Hajj Live streaming Service. Now the people across the world can have the live streaming of Hajj. The Ministry of Culture and Information (MoCI) of Saudi Arabia has launched two digital platforms in the lead-up to the Hajj.

These digital platforms will deliver the information and insights to pilgrims in Makkah but also to the audience globally. Local and international media also have the access to it. aims to tell the story of pilgrims by offering a platform that can follow their experience and journey to Makkah. It harmonizes the media portal which delivers information, updates and news about Hajj 2017. The portal will offer users access to all official live stream channels and invites the world to learn and share in the true values of Islam.

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and includes a drive to Makkah to do religious practices depicted in the Quran. Approximately 1.5 million pilgrims have already arrived in Saudi Arabia for Hajj more to come to perform Hajj, which starts on 30th August and ends on 4th September.


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