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Shahbaz Orders To Gear Up Work On Orange Line Train Project

Shahbaz Orders To Gear Up Work On Orange Line Train Project. The Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharid has said that the huge delay of 22 months has been occurred in the orange line metro train project but the work on it has been restarted after verdict of Supreme Court.

He was presiding over a meeting at the site-office of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train to review progress on construction work of the project.He said that the conscious people will hold the PTI accountable for it; he said and added that the political elements that created hurdles in this great project will be held accountable by the masses. He lamented that the PTI has given priority to personal interest over the public interest.

He said the with the grace of Almighty Allah. Such occasions occur in life but we have to continue our work with tolerance, patience and persistence and it is the opportunity to show something to the nation. You all should burn the midnight oil and strive for early completion of the project. You should double and triple your
efforts so as to compensate the delay. He said that success will be achieved if work is done 25 hours a day and every moment is utilized. If we work harder, then Almighty Allah shall also support us, he added.

Shahbaz said that Orange Line Metro Train is project of the whole nation. This initiative shall provide economical, honorable and cheap transport facilities to the laymen. He congratulated the Pakistani nation, the people of Punjab and especially the Lahori’ites and assured that this project will be completed with renewed commitment and passion. He said that sooner this project is completed, the more laymen will be benefitted and
added that he will regularly monitor the progress of the project. He said the directions of the Supreme Court with regard to the project will be fully abided by adding that a special fund will be established for the protection of historical buildings.

CM directed that a best plan of alternate traffic be designed before the start of work on GPO Chowk at Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam and added that this alternate traffic scheme should be devised in consultation with the experts. The citizens should face lesser difficulties in case of closer of traffic and alternate traffic plan should be effectively projected so that the people could know about the substitute routes. We would strive to complete this project as soon as possible so as to provide an honorable mean of transport to the citizens, he added.

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