Shocking! British Woman Marries a Dog

Shocking! British Woman Marries a Dog

Shocking! British Woman Marries a Dog. Can you believe it? But it’s actually happened in Yorkshire where a 43 year old British woman married her dog when she did not find her Mr. Perfect. According to reports Wilhelmina Morgan Callaghan has tied-the-knot to an Irish charmer called Henry.

Henry, just so happens to be an eight-year-old Yorkshire terrier.

Henry and Ms Callaghan

She calls him her king and also credits him with helping her get through a rocky patch in her life. She adopted Henry from a friend who had a litter in 2008. After reading about people who had married their pets online, she decided to take the plunge with Henry – and they will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary this year on 20th November. Henry and Ms Callaghan, became dog and wife, via a website, with her friend Rebecca Carter, acting as a witness.

Shocking! British Woman Marries a Dog

Though they were given a certificate, as it is not lawful to tie the knot with your pet, their union is a spiritual one, although she takes it completely seriously.

She says that Henry is ‘wonderful’ and he loves hugs and watching television.

Shocking! British Woman Marries a Dog

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