Shut Down of Cable TV Services in Pakistan

Shut Down of Cable TV Services in Pakistan

The cable TV operator in Pakistan has shut down the Cable TV services across the country at 2:00PM with their separate affiliation. The Cable operators have taken this step in order to protest or to pressurize the government to delay the 23rd November DTH licenses auction. The cable services to remain inactive across Pakistan for indefinite period of time, said the cable operators.

Earlier the cable operators in the country threaten the authorities outside PEMRA headquarter in Islamabad that they would go for hunger strike if their demands were not met. The cable operators are of the view that livelihood is under menace if Direct-to-home (DTH) services will launch in the country.

Cable operators say that the need time to digitize the cable TV service in the country via set-top-boxes, as presently  100 per cent of cable TV network runs on referent.

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