Simple Causes of Flu and Cough

Simple Causes of Flu and Cough

Due to the risk of complications, it’s important to get protection from virus. Since the flu virus can spread from one person to another. If you have had a cough for several weeks or more, it’s a sign that you need to see a doctor. It can the cause of any allergy, digestive issue, allergy or even a disease. Most of the nothing, it’s not anything serious but some signs can tell whether one should be concerned about the cough or not.

Here are a few causes that might be the reason for your lingering cough and flu.

Things in the Air

If you are inhaling polluted air mixed with chemicals like nitric oxide and sulpher oxide, then this can trigger a cough and irritated nose. Dust also does the same thing. Prevent it by not going to such areas or if you really have to go then use a mask to cover your face.

Common Cold

The cough is caused by the viruses that you breathe in with the polluted air through mouth and nose. It’s even possible to catch it from a sick person’s sneeze or touch. In addition to sneezing and runny noses, a cold can get in the throat and cause coughing fits. The course lasts for about a week or so but can cured with a flu or cough medicine.


Asthma is a serious disease and make the airways swell. As a result, it can become hard to breathe and you may cough up mucus if not flu. People often mistake it as a common cold or just cough.

A common cold, flu, stress, exercise, smoke and dust can trigger asthma. A severe case of flu also results in an asthma attack because the airways become narrow. You doctor can help you recognize whether it is a flu, cold or a serious case of asthma.

Spread of Viruses

Flu viruses spread from one person to another, through sneezing by people infected from influenza. People get infected by touching a contaminated area infected by a sick person’s sneeze or cough. Adults suffering from influenza are able to infect others from day one to seven days before their symptoms start to occur. This means a person can transfer germs long before finding out about the flu.

Flu is similar to a cold and infects lungs, nose and throat. The germs and viruses are exposed into the air and can get to you if you are around them or touch the same thing. It’s more likely that the effected person will experience high fever and chills rather than a runny nose.

If you get infected by a common flu or cold, there are some common actions you can take before going to the doctor. Drink plenty of water, take flu and cough medicine to relieve the symptoms and avoid smoking. Medications like Aspirin will help to treat headache, fever and muscle pain. Other antiviral drugs are also prescribed to treat the flu, depending upon the severity of the flu and cough symptoms.

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