Six Things to Do Before You Start Used Car Buying Process

Six Things to Do Before You Start Used Car Buying Process

Recently, in an article we took from Motor Trader on “Used Car Buying Tips”, we filtered some things to share with you. This list of six things will help you navigate in the used car buying process and will ensure the purchase of the right vehicle.

But why should you consider buying tips and tricks? Well, better understood now then later-used car market in Pakistan can sell you lemons in the price of cherries and you won’t even. Buying a used car from dealership can be even tough. And if you’re on limited budget, you don’t want to drive back and go broke in two weeks because of the never ending maintenance?

Universally, September to February is the best time to shop for a used car. As it happens, now is your best time to focus on your purchase. A number of high quality used vehicles are cycling through the lot, as latest models are hitting the dealerships. It offers an opportunity to those of you who want to get a good condition car at a fair price.

So, here’s for you: the six things you can do before buying a used car.

Step #1- Separate Your Needs from Wants

This debate of “need vs. wants” is never easy to navigate. According to the tips given in the article, it was suggested that shoppers should sit in advance and make a list of all the must have points. This includes considering driving needs and lifestyle. This list will definitely set you on the track of what you need the most from your vehicle purchase.

Step #2- Cars for Consideration

With the help of the list you made, now scour the reviews and listings to identify the models you will consider. You now have many online sites to help you choose the model and compare the same with other choices available on other websites. This allows you to get your amount ready and will also enable you to enhance your knowledge for dealing with the dealership. However, do always read the reviews as given be viewers.

Step #3- Get Your Finance Ready

Not all riders in Pakistan are those that can buy every latest model that is out in market. Some people are not able to even pay the prices of a used car. Most of the dealership in used cars will not allow you to pay in loan; this might be common in countries elsewhere. For used car, either you pay the full price or if reference is involved, you can manage to pay in installments.

Step #4- Work Closely with the Salesperson

Your advance preparation, list of needs, and the knowledge of the car will help you upfront. If you know what you’re buying and how to buy the product, you will likely win the deal in your favor. While this will save time, it will also narrow down your search, just how filters are available on online sites to help you find the perfect match in no time.

Although it’s important to do your research and even know your part, but it’s even okay to relay on experts. You can choose someone close to you to analyze the car, or take a reliable mechanic, or a friend. They should be there to ask questions that you cannot ask.

Step #5- Never Rely on Just Seeing and Buying

You should never concentrate on just seeing the product and not going for a test drive. In case of a use car, the test drive has to be long enough that can help you determine the actual condition of the car. Of course talking can be over-stretched and so can the words confuse you, but your practical analysis cannot. Precisely, is this is your first time in the buying process of a used car-you should be careful and should be very picky.

Step #6- Take Your Time

No one said taking things slow was wrong. Buying a car and that a used car, it’s a huge financial commitment, the second most important commitment after a house anyone could make. You will need to make sure that you are comfortable with the vehicle you buy, by all means, and you’ve exhausted yourself in the pre-purchase process.

Remember that if you’re settling on a car, then it’s not done yet. You should go through all the history details, ask questions, test drive, and check however you want, you don’t want to end up suffering. Always step back and say no to something that doesn’t satisfy you.

Guest Post by Farhan Ramzan

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