Smog In Lahore: Polluted Atmosphere of Lahore Causing Allergies

Smog In Lahore: Polluted Atmosphere of Lahore Causing Allergies

The residents of Lahore woke up to a cloudy blanket of smog today on 2nd November, 2016. The smog in Lahore has reduced the visibility for travellers and has prompted several complaints of respiratory and eye allergies.

As per the atmosphere of Lahore and Punjab in general… it’s not fog…. its SMOG…. very thick toxic blanket of pollutants which is a threatening health. Even now and at 15:10 pm the smog has got denser and people complain of feeling it inside their homes, burning eyes, and heavy breathing. Visibility on open areas and Motorway has decreased to 20-25 m. This condition creates serious breathing ailments and eye infections.

In countries elsewhere this climatic condition calls for emergency closing down of schools, public places so people could come in contact of this danger as less as possible.

As a request, please minimize going out for long and if possible wear masks to protect yourself and your children . Eye wash should be used frequently to clear eyes.

Necessary Precautions and Foods to Combat Air Pollution

The schools in general and government in particular should take a step with immediate effect to cope with the situation. They should measure the Air Quality Index and take adequate measures.

The capital of neighboring India, New Delhi, is also at a higher level of air pollution. The recently concluded festival of Diwali worsened the problem owing to a high volume of firecrackers, encouraging the local officials to proclaim some initiatives to control the threat.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department predicted that the “moderate levels” of smog to continue in Lahore and its adjoining areas for at least next five days.

Let’s all pray to Allah for his blessings in the form of rain.

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