Some Fact and Features Of Facebook: Dos and Don’ts

Facebook is an online social media and social networking service website founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Today Facebook has billions of users, for the convenience of the users the company keep on intruding the new features to make it dynamic for people. Today we will tell our readers about some of the facts and features of Facebook with dos and don’ts so you can utilize the services of this social media networking website easily.  

Features of Facebook:

Facebook has introduced a number of features to keep it safe from hackers:

End-to-end encryption for Messenger

Facebook had launched the end-to-end encryption (extra security layer) to its Messenger app.

By keeping in view the security of its 900 million users, they planned to introduce end-to-end encryption for its messenger app. It’s not a compulsory feature instead an additional option which will allow you to activate it or not.

The end-to-end encryption will allow user to secure their text, photos and other files which they don’t want to shows authorities and service providers.

This step of Facebook service providers is extremely beneficial for the messenger for securing their date from security exploiters. Jacob Ginsberg, senior director at encryption company Echoworx said that Facebook is taking a step forward to keep the users’ data safe and secure for potential hackers. The company wants to ensure users’ communication more private.

Whatsapp, Google and Apple had also introduces the security features to save the users’ date form exploitation.

Facebook Anti Bullying Feature to Stop Online Harassment

Facebook by keeping in mind to stop the online harassment has launched the Anti-Bullying feature. The social media giant Facebook launched the anti-bullying tool to make sure the safety of the users.

The guide on how to activate anti bullying feature is available at Facebook safety center. The Bullying Prevention Hub offers the harassment victims the information on what they can do when they face harassing content.

The Bullying Prevention Hub by Facebook is to clamp down the abuse and bullying on the social media.

The user of Facebook can accessed the updated safety center via their phones and web. This website offers users to check with privacy settings on their social media Facebook profiles.

The Safety Center of Facebook offers you to control your experience on Social media and is available in more than 50 languages including Hindi, English, Urdu.

This feature by Facebook is purely mobile-friendly as mostly users use Mobile phones to access their social media profiles.

This Bullying Prevention Hub is purely connected with Facebook reporting so when a user reports something, he or she is redirected to the safety center.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites have been strongly criticized in the past for the harassment and abuse reports.

No More Misuse of Facebook Profile Picture With New Profile Picture Guard Feature

Facebook has also introduced the all new feature in order to halt the misuse of profile pictures. The new features called the “Profile Picture Guard” will prevent the misuse of profile picture. The new features has started rolling out in India in response to feedback from users in India, citing the many safety and privacy challenges that Indian users face with their social media accounts.

The new Profile Picture Guard feature will prevent your picture for being downloading by anyone. The new feature accompanies a new profile picture design which will stop the misuse of it.

Features of Profile Picture Guard:

 No one will be able to share, download and send your profile picture in Facebook messages.

People you’re not friends with on Facebook will not be able to tag anyone, including themselves, in your profile picture.

Moreover it will stop the screenshot of your profile picture on Facebook, which presently exists only on Android devices.

 A blue border and guard will be exhibited around your profile picture as a visual cue of protection.

How to activate Facebook Profile Picture Guard?


In order to activate Profile Picture Guard users in India just need to do the following;

  • Open Profile Settings
  • Tap on Profile Picture
  • Tap ‘Turn on Profile Picture Guard’

Facebook authorities said that the new features will soon be made available in other countries too.

Make Your Own GIFs on Facebook

You can make your own GIFs on Facebook. You can make Facebook GIFs by just using the camera in Facebook App.

The Facebook GIFs feature is presently available to a small group of people for testing but it will soon roll out to other users as well.  In order to make GIFs on Facebook you will swipe left on your phone app to open in-built camera app.

At the top of the camera you will see two options: Normal and GIF. Just tap on GIF to make your own creations and adorn them with filters from Facebook.

Facebook Watch Video Streaming Service Tab

For catering the needs of mobile app users Facebook has launched the new “Watch “Video Streaming Service Tab in its efforts to take on YouTube video streaming service.

The Facebook Watch is available for all the mobile, desktop and Facebook’s TV apps.

Facebook has joined hands with different content producing companies to create original content which users will soon be able to access on the Watch tab.

Facebook said that people love to watch different videos of it platform and the new service will offer them to watch and discover videos through our NewsFeed.

The Facebook Watch feature is like the Netflix platform to some extent that it provides modified suggestions and offers new shows and video content to the users, live and recorded based on what their friends and community are watching.

Facebook ‘Snooze’ Lets Users to Temporarily Block Friends, Pages and Groups

Facebook feature ‘Snooze’ lets users to temporarily block friends, pages and Groups. Facebook has launched a new feature called ‘Snooze’ which let the users to block friends, pages and groups on social media website but temporarily. So if you are tired of seen nonstop photos, videos, and status coming in your new feed, you can block them temporarily with the Facebook new feature snooze.

Yes the Facebook snooze allows you to block friends, pages and groups for 24 hours, seven days or 30 days, revealed the reports.

The new feature snooze can serve as a way to dial down the content you don’t want to see, but it will still remain in your list but disappears from your news feed.

The Facebook Snooze has joined the series of other content controls for News Feed, like Unfollow, Hide, Report and See First, which can be accessed from the top-right drop-down list on a Facebook post.

Facebook May Know More About You Than You Think

Facebook May Know More About You Than You Think. There are news reports that revealed Facebook knows more about its users, what they do on their phones even if they don’t in fact use the social media.

Facebook has claimed that they are having the deep details about the user’s activities and external app usages by another firm.

This helped the social networking platform to line up its product growth based on such usage trends, leading to the purchase of WhatsApp and the frequent ‘Snapchat –like’ updates it sends.

It’s so precise that it allowed Facebook to keep tabs on how many Snapchat posts users sent each day, the Wall Street Journal reports.

It is revealed that the Onavo Protect, a free VPN app, is behind this and offered users’ data to Facebook.

Facebook has purchase the company that created Onavo was in 2013. This guarantees that any app or website opened on a phone with Onavo Protect will redirect traffic to Facebook’s servers. The details are then analysed by Facebook’s data analysis team, according to the report.

Onavo clearly states in its user agreement that it “analyses information about your mobile data and app use” and may share the data with “affiliates”, but it’s likely you didn’t pay much heed to the terms and conditions.

This setup would have reportedly allowed Facebook to understand the magnitude of the effect the introduction of Instagram’s stories had on its Snapchat counterpart.

On the whole the reports believed that Facebook knows all what users do on their phones, not just in the boundaries of Facebook’s own app but potentially much more.

Apple and Google also have the ability to access similar information about their rivals’ apps on Android and iOS, the Wall Street Journal adds, though it isn’t clear if they’ve been using the data to improve their own products.

How to Protect Facebook Account from Hackers?

The use of social media platform Facebook is increasing day by day. Presently there are billions of active users on Facebook.

To protect Facebook account from hackers is bit hard. We heard from our friends and acquaintances that their Facebook accounts hacked and even after report they are unable to restore. The Facebook account contains personal information and to protect it from hackers it most important as they can steal your information and in many cases use it to damage your reputation.

So the question is How to protect Facebook account from hackers?

There are a number of ways you can protect your Facebook account from hackers.

First of all you need to check the longed in devices from the setting of your Facebook app.

In the setting Manu of Facebook app you can find the list from where you were logged in with location.

Go to “Settings” then “Security and Login

This manu will show you the complete list with location from where you were logged in. in the case if you don’t recognize the device or location “Log Out” immediately by clicking on suspicious location it in the list. Furthermore, you can also see “Log Out of All Sessions” option. You can also select this option to secure your Facebook account from hackers.

What to do If Facebook Account Gets Hacked?

If you find any suspicious activity on your account do the above mentioned process and then change your password immediately.

You can also deactivate your Facebook account for few days to save it from hackers (only in the case you find any suspicious activity in your activity log) .

If your Facebook account gets hacked you can have the Facebook Help for retrieve it.

How to secure Facebook account?

Facebook adds lots of security options in its application and by turning them on you can make your Facebook account safe and secure from hackers.

All you have to do is Go to “Security and Login” and then click on “Setting Up Extra Security”.

In this menu there are these four options.

Just switch on these security features to protect your Facebook Account from hackers.

Dos and Don’t of Facebook:

Don’t Share These 5 Things on Facebook If You Want to Remain Safe

Don’t Share These 5 Things on Facebook If You Want to Remain Safe. No doubt the arrival of social media brought lots of benefits but its negative aspects are also visible. A number of people in the world are addicted to social media website Facebook and post each and every daily routine activity.

Such things threaten to harm them, because in such a way every person gets aware of their movements and personal activities.

If you want to remain safe do not share these 5 things on Facebook or other social media websites.

Here are the 5 thing you never share on social media accounts:

Never share Facebook status when you leave home and when you get back. Because of this, miscellaneous elements can get your home in any way in your absence.

Never share your shopping information on social media, because culprits can estimate your financial status.

Do not share your presence anywhere on social media. Always turn off the location option at your social media profile. Otherwise you can also get into trouble.

Before posting anything on social media make it sure that this material will not become a cause for you after getting publish.

Never write the names of your loved ones, relatives and especially children. Do not share pictures of your children that may reveal their identity and location, such as the photograph taken in school uniforms may reveal the school name.

Don’t Post or Share Missing Children Pictures on Facebook

Facebook, the popular social media website, had warned its users not to post or share the pictures of missing children as these types of posts don’t do anything in protecting them instead may the cause of harm. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that the users of Facebook who post such type of things are indirectly assisting those persons who abducted the children.

The users were of the view that this is the best way to upload pictures and information of the missing children to find them but the Law enforcement agencies in UK has warned the Facebook subscribers not to share or post such type of things on social media.

The Kindersley RCMP warned,

“By sharing these photos you may be putting a life at risk. Sometimes the missing children in the posts that you share are not actually missing. They may actually be hiding for their own safety.”

Too much use of social media may cause depression

Everyone knows that excess of everything is bad. Now a day people especially our youth is too much inclined towards social media. They remain busy in surfing, chatting, texting and calling all the day that may be the cause of fatigue and depression among them. A study by the Institute of Mantel Health said that too much use of social media is becoming the cause of youth damage.

The US based study involved approximately 1,800 men and women ages of 19 to 32, in order to conduct the final findings.

They found that already depressed people are more apt to use social media more frequently than others because they have not enough courage to make direct relationship. Many people think about their self that they are not living idealized life as other tend to present themselves on their social media profiles. This phenomenon may be called “Facebook Depression”.

The too much use of social media makes them more depressed. People have the natural tendency to be liked by the people. This tendency sometimes turns into negative effect when they don’t get the desired results. The depression rate can be different among the people according to age. It’s somehow depended on the use of social media on how it affects the mood and has mental health issue. We should take social media as a good tool to communicate and linked with friend and family members whom we can frequently meet. It can be a tool of getting happy moments of life rather depressed ones.

Facebook Has Negative Impact on the Psychology of Users

Facebook has confessed that the use of social media can have the negative impact on the psychology of the users. The study reveals that spending too much time on Facebook can have the negative impact on the user’s life and make it worse.

Facebook is continuously facing condemnation from critics who have been worried about Facebook’s negative effect on the psychology of users. Furthermore, the social media website is also facing pressure by the critics for spreading hate speech, offensive ads and censoring critics of oppressive governments. The study reveals that spending time on Facebook and ‘passively consuming information’ makes ‘people feel worse’.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has apologized and said that his new mission would be ‘to bring the world closer.’

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