Strong Windstorms To Engulf Pakistan Over Next 2 Months

Strong Windstorms To Engulf Pakistan Over Next 2 Months. There is a warning from the Pakistan Meteorological Department for the people that the weather will remain stormy across the country for the next two months. Pakistan Meteorological Department has issued the warning stating that the weather will stay cloudy over the next two months with less rainfall in the country.

The cold and heat waves have become the reason for the stormy conditions. The direction for these storms will be uncertain and they can also hit the southern parts of the country.

The climatic conditions in Pakistan have severely changed over the last 5 years and there is much dryness because the percentage of rainfall has been dropping due to global warming. Karachi and coastal areas may face increased air pressure.

Director PMD, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui has warned that there are chances that cyclones cannot be predicted as to where they will move. He added that there are lesser monthly rain predictions while the chances for windstorms are likely to increase along with their intensity.

Previously, it was forecasted that 2018 was going to be one of the hottest years in history of Pakistan.

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