Here’s Everything About Suzuki Alto 2023 in Pakistan

Here’s Everything About Suzuki Alto 2023 in Pakistan

Everything about Suzuki Alto 2023 Price in Pakistan, Specifications, Review and Availability.

Here’s Everything About Suzuki Alto 2023 in Pakistan. in 2018 Pak-Suzuki discontinued the manufacturing of the Suzuki Mehran and only launched limited editions of this cost-effective car and in 2019 the Mehran was totally discontinued by the company. The company had earlier, in its internal circular to vendors, publicized its plans to terminate the long-running Mehran in April 2019. Pak Suzuki launched the Mehran 800cc in 1988. The Mehran 800cc had replaced the Suzuki FX 800cc at that time and now the Motor Company has revealed that they would replace the Mehran 800cc with Alto 660cc.

Earlier it was reported that the Suzuki Alto will come equipped with the 800cc engine but now it’s confirmed that the company would install the 660cc imported engine in this hatch-back.

After the discontinuation of Mehran, the company introduced the all-new Suzuki Alto in Pakistan in 2019. The new Suzuki Alto has a 658cc engine and hit the market in the first quarter of 2019.

The latest Suzuki Alto is completely manufactured in Pakistan but the reports suggest that the engine will be imported with a locally developed transmission, similar to the one that is available in the currently assembled Suzuki Wagon R.

History of Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto is a kei car manufactured by Suzuki. Its vending points have long comprised a low price and good fuel economy. The model, presently in its eighth generation, was first introduced in 1979, with a three-door cargo version of the Fronte passenger car, equipped with a folding rear seat, and has been built in many countries across the world. The Alto insignia has often been used on many cars in Japan and in export markets, where it is regarded as a city car.

Suzuki Alto 2023:

The most exciting thing about the all-new Suzuki Alto 2023 is that it is a fuel-efficient hatchback and is specially designed using the ‘Suzuki Green Technology’. Pak-Suzuki claims its fuel economy is 37km/liter, which is very competent for a non-hybrid car.

Variants of the Suzuki Alto 2023:

There are e a total of four variants of the car; two manual variants and two fully loaded automatic variants. The high-spec manual and fully loaded auto variants come with power steering.

1.Suzuki Alto VX: 658 cc, Manual, Petrol, Keyless Entry, Immobilizer, Cup Holders, Power Steering, Power Door Locks, Front Speakers, USB and Auxiliary Cable.

2. Suzuki Alto VXR: 658 cc, Manual, Petrol, Keyless Entry, Immobilizer, Air Conditioner, 2 Airbags, Power Steering, Power Door Locks, and Cup Holders.

3. Suzuki Alto VXR AGS: 658 cc, Automatic, Petrol, Power Steering, Air Conditioner, 2 Airbags, ABS and AGS

4. Suzuki Alto VXL AGS: 658 cc, Automatic, Petrol, Power Steering, Power Mirror, 2 Airbags, ABS, 6.0″ Display, Power Windows, and Air Conditioner.

Specifications of Suzuki Alto

The specifications of the Suzuki Alto 2023 are a 660cc imported engine with a locally developed transmission. The new car will be having the ‘Suzuki Green Technology’ and fuel economy lets you run 37km/liter. Other features may include Keyless Entry, Push Start, Traction Control & VSC, 7 Airbags, Collision Alert, Retractable Side Mirrors, and many others.

Colors of Suzuki Alto 2023:

Suzuki Alto 2023 is available having different color options including Solid White, Graphite Grey, Cerulean Blue, Pearl Black and Silky Silver.

Suzuki Alto 2023 in Price Pakistan

The Suzuki Alto 2023 price in Pakistan is as follows:

Suzuki Alto VX price in Paksitan is Rs. 2,251,000

Suzuki Alto VXR price in Paksitan is Rs. 2,612,000

Suzuki Alto VXR AGS price in Paksitan is Rs. 2,799,000

Suzuki Alto VXL AGS price in Paksitan is Rs. 2,935,000

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