Suzuki Alto to Have 800cc Mehran Engine

Suzuki Alto to Have 800cc Mehran Engine

Suzuki Alto to Have 800cc Mehran Engine. We earlier reported you that the Pak-Suzuki will introduce the limited number of Suzuki Mehran in 2018.

Earlier, Pak Suzuki has announced that it would discontinue Mehran in 2018 and would replace it with 660cc Alto.

Now there are rumours that suggested Pak-Suzuki will introduce the all new Alto with 800cc engine already present in Mehran.

This means that the new Suzuki Alto which is earlier to feature 660cc engine will now include the 800cc engine. Thus Alto will have a 796cc engine instead of a 660cc engine. Other than this the new Alto might have a 5-speed manual.

According to another report the company has already assembled handful units of the new car. The exact number is unknown but according to our insider around 50 units have been prepared for various testing and showcasing purposes.

Pak-Suzuki has yet to officially declare what the company will introduce exactly.  For further information stay in touch with


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