Suzuki Introduces the Third Generation Model of Wagon R 2019

Suzuki Wagon R 2019 introduced by the company with three variants including automated manually transmission system auto gear shift.

Suzukihas introduced a new model of its renowned car Wagon R, which will be availablein three versions LXI, VXI and ZXI. The company has introduced the new model ofthis car in India and soon it will hit other automobile markets.

as per the details revealed by the company the Suzuki Wagon R 2019 will come having the two petrol engine options including 1.2 liters, and 1.1 liters while automated manually transmission system auto gear shift will be given as an option with engine options.

The 1.2-liter engine can make the 82 bhp and 113 newton meters of peak torque while the 1-liter unit makes 67 bhp and 90 Nm. Both the engines of Wagon R are couple to a 5-speed gearbox.

This is third generation model of the Wagon R which is slightly larger and better than the previous model in terms of design, but looks different.

Exterior of Suzuki Wagon R 2019:

In frontof it, new grill and red design headlines can be seen while fog lamps are alsogiven in Front Bumper.

The design of the back of the vehicle is quite different than before and the company says that the cabin is even more better than the first.

New features are being given to protect passengers, including anti-locking system (ABS), electronic break force distribution (EBD), front set reminder, speed alert system and rear parking censorship.

Interior of Suzuki Wagon R 2019:

Theinterior of this new car is equipped with a new dashboard and a new touchscreen enhancement system, which is named Smart Play Studio, to findnewsletters by listening to news, weather and it will also help you find nearbyfood places.

Suzuki Wagon R Variants:

Suzuki WagonR 2019 will have three variants including automated manually transmissionsystem auto gear shift.

The WagonR will be available in LXI, VXI and ZXI versions:

Price of Suzuki Wagon R 2019:

Accordingto the reports the vehicle will be between 4 lakh 19 thousand Indian rupees (8lakhs 22 thousand rupees Pakistani Rupees).

On theother hand it is important to mention here that the price of Wagon R inPakistan is from Rs 12 to 13 lakh.

Availability of Wagon R 2019 in Pakistan:

At thefirst place the Wagon R has been introduced in India. There is no word when thisnew version will be available in Pakistan.

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