How to Get Telenor Double Number?

No need to carry two phones just enjoy the double number on a single sim with the Telenor Double Number Offer.

Telenor 4G brings the double number offer as Smart Numer Service for its prepaid users who want to enjoy the dual sim on a single mobile phone. To use the Telenor double number on a single SIM is a very good idea if you are using a mobile phone that only supports a single SIM.

If you are looking for what is Telenor double number code? How can you use two Telenor numbers on one SIM? How can you get Telenor Smart Number offer? You are on the right here.

In this article, we will discuss how you can use two numbers on one SIM with the Telenor Smart Number offer.

What is Telenor Smart Number?

Telenor Smart Number offer is a fantastic one that lets you enjoy double number on a single Telenor SIM and make calls send SMS at the lowest possible rates by just dialing the prefix “77” before the number you want to call.

 Under this offer you can use the two Telenor numbers at the same time on a single SIM mobile phone. Now you can use the two Telenor numbers with the Smart Number offer in order to fulfill your communication requirements.

The Telenor Smart Number offer is not new almost all the Telecom companies in Pakistan are providing this double number service to their customers.

Telenor 4G is offering the special code to subscribe to double number service and by dialing prefix code before the number you can use the dual number. For using the double number by Telenor of the single SIM you just need to dial the specific code which we have mentioned below.

How can you avail Telenor double number?

You can send SMS SUB to 6300 from your Telenor  Number to avail of the weekly and monthly double number service.

How to unsubscribe Telenor Double Number Offer?

You can also unsubscribe the Telenor Double Number offer by typing ‘Unsub’ to send it to 6300.

Telenor Double Number Usage Charges:

 For Telenor double number subscription you need to pay charges on weekly and monthly basis.

Weekly (Recursive)    Rs. 10 Incl. Tax    

Monthly (Recursive)  Rs. 35.70 Incl. Tax

But the call set up and SMS charges are are as follows:

Call Charges (On-Net/ Off-Net)      

Rs.2.39 per Minute

SMS Charges (On-Net/ Off-Net)     

Limited time offer

7700 IVR Charges        Rs.0 / Minute

Other features    


How to use Telenor Double Number?

In order to make call and sms for the Telenor 4G smart number you need to dial 77 before the desired number.

The Telenor 4G prepaid customers can avail of this offer of double number on a single sim by dialing code prefix code 77 before the number you are calling or sending a message to e.g. Example: 770345******.

The same method is for sending the SMS from the other number.

How to block call on Telenor Smart number?

  • You can block incoming calls from all or specific numbers.
  • Dial 6300 and follow the IVR instructions
  • Block all incoming calls: send bcall all to 6300
  • Block incoming calls from specific Number: send bcall 345cccdddd to 6300

Terms and Conditions:

  • Telenor Smart Number (double number) is for prepaid customers.
  • Telenor Smart Number will remain with the user and users cannot change their Smart Number.

For more information visit the Telenor 4G official website.

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