The best answer to “what is your greatest strength?” during an interview

The best answer to “what is your greatest strength?” during an interview. I admit, it’s the most annoying moment when your interviewer asks you the most difficult question, “What is your greatest strength?” or “what do you think you can do best?”  There is another question that is asked during the interview that is about your weakness and what you lack as a person or what you would like to work on the most? But then again, it’s easier to present yourself as a modest and grounded person, but the difficult moment comes when you have to boost off about your strengths or what you are really good at.

Find the middle ground

If you look at it a little closer, there are two extremes that you can hit and that is the only chance for you to leave an impression on the people sitting on the other side of the table. You cannot jump into it at the moment, so, take some time and do your homework. What is it that would not sound boastful and at the same time, you have to come up with something that does not make you look as humble as to give an impression that you don’t believe in yourself. That is something you really need to work on. Nobody is going to let you handle their data or a whole wing in an office or a department if you don’t believe in yourself. So, decide what your middle ground is.

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Importance of THE question

Do you really want to hit a home run at your interview? Well, there is your moment. If you understand what the answer to this question is, you can really make a difference in your interview. When you apply for any job, follow the following steps:

  1. Do a detailed research about the job and your possible employer.
  2. Understand the qualifications that are required for the job.
  3. Identify the skill you need the most to get the job done once you clear the interview.
  4. Stick to your skills and have faith in yourself and your abilities.
  5. Prepare the right way to express yourself while you clear the point in front of the interview panel.

Reviewing the jobs you apply for

When you are applying for different jobs that might fall under your qualifications, it’s not always necessary that you are going to have all the tools that are required to get the job done. By this, it is not meant that you don’t have the academic qualifications; it rather means that you might or might not have all the personality traits that are needed to tackle different tasks of that particular job.

Creating a story around your strength

You are only going to be able to convince your employer about your strength if you believe in it yourself. Therefore, it is important to create a story plot around your strength in case the interviewer asks you about your strength and how you have applied it in your life before.

Some of the strengths that you could keep in mind right from this day

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and they know about these factors the best and no one else can justify or deny it for them. Given below is a list of some strengths that you need to find in yourself and these can become a great factor to lean on during your interview

  1. Whether you a good leader and can handle situations under pressure.
  2. How good a manager are you?
  3. Whether you like to take an initiative and take up new tasks.
  4. Are you good at meeting a deadline?
  5. How determined are you?
  6. Do you like to take the task right till the end and come up with quick and steady solutions while you are at it?
  7. Are you a quick learner?
  8. How flexible are you?
  9. While tackling the little details, do you see the big picture and the end result of the whole situation?
  10. Do you know all the software required to do the job at the tip of your fingers?
  11. How good are your people skills?
  12. How good can you work in a team?
  13. Can you influence people in doing better work and bringing a change for the better?
  14. How creative are you?
  15. Are you good at coming up with new and improved strategies to take the business forward?
  16. Can you work out a conflict between the people of your team?

These points can help you figure out what you are good at and what are the skills that you can improve by working on them. If you can build a story about how you used one of these skills in getting your job done in your previous job, it will help you a lot.

What if you have no pat job experience?

It is rather easy to figure this process out if you have previously done a job at a place and have applied some of these skills in getting the work done. However, it could be possible that you are fresh graduate and haven’t had the chance to really test yourself. In this case, there is nothing to be worried about, you can start today by recalling any past experiences of a project that you did in your school or college. You could also think about all the internships or volunteer work that you have had the chance to do. If you have any of these in your plate you are good to go. All the experiences of your life tell you a little about the kind of a person you are.


So, from all the points mentioned above, it is very clear that you have a good chance of getting the job of your dreams if you work on yourself a little bit and that is also a skill in itself; how much are you willing to grow and improve. With all these points in your head you can go and nail any interview. So, keep yourself updated and go through the sites that can help you achieve your goals. Some of the websites functioning in Pakistan are,, and

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