The Evolution of Co-ord Sets: From Matching Suits to Two-Piece Outfits

The Evolution of Co-ord Sets: From Matching Suits to Two-Piece Outfits

Co-ord sets are commonly known as two-piece dresses. They are based on matching shirts and trousers. These suits date back to the 1960s and 1970s. They have been in trend for decades as two-piece suits.  However, with the change in fashion trends and demands, the co-ord sets have evolved considerably. The designs and prints have evolved in synchronization with the current fashion trends. These aesthetic designs are the emerging trend of the year 2023. Be it summer or winter, they are topping the fashion charts.

Co-ord sets have become more stylish and versatile. Almost every brand is producing a wide range of co-ord set designs. Starting from formal to casual designs, there is a huge variety of co-ord set designs in the markets. These designs look elegant on all types of occasions. You can style them the way you want. The best thing about these attires is that they are easy to style with minimal effort. They make it easier to choose what to wear. Just go with a chic co-ord set, pair it up with some stylish accessories and here you go. This makes them a wardrobe staple.

With the commencement of the new season, new designs of these two-piece dresses are being introduced. All the famous brands are launching their latest prints and designs at attractive prices. You must have a look at the entire range of these dresses before they get too common to wear.

Lawn Co-ord sets

The lawn is a popular fabric in summer due to the comfort it gives in hot weather conditions. Lawn co-ord sets are an ideal choice in the hot weather. This not only gives you ease in styling but also these are lightweight and breathable. Lawn two-piece ensembles come in a huge range of hues and styles. Whether you want classy and aesthetic prints or you are an admirer of dashing prints, you can add them to your summer collection. Colorful prints are a good option in summer as they portray a fresh and happy image of your persona.

The versatility of lawn co-ord sets is matchless. You can pair them up with sneakers, sandals, heels, or almost anything. In addition to this, they are always good to go with a pair of matching studs, a handbag or a trendy clutch, and sunglasses. You can accessorize your lawn with two-piece dresses according to your taste and the type of occasion. Girls also love to apply vibrant and matching nail paint to look more stylish.

Co-ord sets brands in Pakistan

There are various clothing brands in Pakistan offering two-piece lawn suits. These co-ord sets are designed on premium quality fabric. It is durable and can be used in more than one season easily. The biggest advantage of buying clothes from brands is their quality. The color of these suits does not fade away with multiple washes. The prints don’t get dusty even after a whole season. In addition to this, the designs are innovative and match the extraordinary expectations of fashion freaks. You will find a great variety of printed and embroidered stuff in this category.

Designers craft the signature designs of every brand keeping in view the ongoing fashion charts and demands of customers. They launch new designs and prints every season. If you have a look at the stitched collection of brands, you will know the standard they set. They tailor the best cuts and styles for you. So, whenever you think of buying some co-ord sets, do not forget to check out the designs of Pakistani lawn brands.

Here are some of the top trending co-ord sets brands in Pakistan that offer good quality stuff at affordable prices.

  • Esra
  • Garnet
  • Keshia Online Store
  • La Mosaik
  • Nazmina
  • Ochre
  • SilayiPret

All these brands and their latest two-piece stitched dresses are present in the most recent collection of La Mosaik. Check out their co-ord sets category to update your wardrobe.

Printed co-ord sets

The printed variety includes appealing floral, geometric, digital, and animal prints.  Floral printed co-ord sets are an ageless and versatile fashion. The actual essence of these floral prints lies in their capacity to evoke femininity and nature. They come in a diversity of designs, from tantalizing and exquisite effects to bold and graphic designs. They include different flower types that include daisies, roses, and lilies.

The magic of geometric prints is known forever. These prints include various shapes like blocks, stripes, circles, triangles, and some irregular shapes. They add excitement and energy to the overall look of your dress. In addition to these prints, co-ord sets come in various designs of animal prints and digital prints. You can select the prints of your choice to revamp your summer wardrobe.

Embroidered co-ord sets

Just like all other types of clothing, these dresses also come in a range of embroidered designs. These designs incorporate luxury as well as simple embroidery. Lawn co-ord sets mostly come in thread or tilla embroidery. Moreover, sequins and heavy embroidery can also be a good choice for functions like weddings and parties, etc. You can carry an embroidered co-ord set with some accessories for your formal events. It will give you an upgraded fashion sense and a classy persona.

Get your co-ord sets online

Explore the latest designs and intricate prints of co-ord sets to upgrade your wardrobe. You can find all the designs mentioned above and categories at La Mosaik at affordable prices and premium quality. So get your hands on the biggest collection of two-piece lawn ensembles before it gets out of stock.

They have a handsome collection of cuts and designs that are unique in their way. Their collection includes co-ord sets for all age groups starting from 11 years. The cuts include kurta shalwar, maxis, dresses, collared western shirts and trousers, A-line designs, long and short shirts, and front open shirts. You will find a huge variety of hues in all these designs. Get your summer dresses online now.

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