These Countries Will Support Pakistan in the Indo-Pak War

Here are those powerful countries of the world which will support Pakistan in the Indo-Pak war

India’s war threat after the pulwama attack has onceagain proved that India is the biggest enemy of Pakistan. Since the formationof Pakistan, India has been keep on conspiring to break it.

Today, we will put a glance in countries that canpotentially support Pakistan in terms of war between Pakistan and India.


All the world know that Saudi Arabia and Pakistanrelations are sharing good relationship. Saudi Arabia is holy place for Muslimsand this country has helped in changing the economic situation of Pakistan, itwill probably be done by a country of the world. Pakistan is the only nuclear Islamiccountry and has always helped Saudi Arabia in every bad time.

There are strong chances that Saudi Arabia will not onlysend troops to Pakistan, but also offer the financial help if the will be the warbetween Pakistan and India.


China is a true friend of Pakistan, who has accompanied inevery trial. China is also called the world’s second super power. China andPakistan have very good relations. China has not only helped Pakistan innatural disasters but also stands in the fight with Pakistan in the past asmuch as the war has occurred. Now, when the CPEC project is started betweenPakistan and China, and due to this, Pakistan’s enemies are engaged inconspiracy to harm it. If there is a war between Pakistan and India, it is forsure that China can help in every way.


Pakistan defeated Russia in the Afghan war. The situationin Pakistan and Russia were very tense at that time .But when the United Statescame to Afghanistan and even with India, Russia had not only been able to hateIndia but also started good relationships with Pakistan.

Now Pakistan and Russia relations are ideal. Russia hasjointly exercised joint military operations with Pakistan army as well as thecapabilities of Pakistan Army. Due to such a good relationship, it is likelythat Russia will also with Pakistan in Indo-Pak War.


Qatar is an Islamic country which is considered as a goodfriend of Pakistan. Qatar has always helped economically to Pakistan. Thiscountry has not left Pakistan alone in natural disasters, therefore, being anIslamic country and having good relations, Qatar is likely to be the side of Pakistan.


Turkey is the only Islamic country whose presidents’ examples are given worldwide. Turkey has surprised the world by developing it in a short period of time. Turkey and Pakistan have been sharing good relations since decades. Turkey is the second most powerful Islamic country in the field of defense. This country has helped Pakistan in every field and if Pakistan will be in war with India Turkey will help out Pakistan.

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