These Soaps, Cosmetics and Beauty Products Can Cause Breast Cancer and Everyone Using Them Daily

These Soaps, Cosmetics and Beauty Products Can Cause Breast Cancer and Everyone Using Them Daily

Soaps, cosmetics and beauty products that can cause breast cancer and everyone using them daily to get rid of bacteria and germs but actually getting the different ailments.

Now a days there are a number of soaps in the market claiming that these are antibacterial soaps that kill bacteria and germs completely and save the health.

People prefer to buy these antibacterial soaps to save themselves from bacteria and germs. But actually these antibacterial soaps comprise chemicals which are proved to be cancer-causing and are the source of a number of ailments instead of guarding the human health.

A number of studies have shown that there are a number of creams, beauty products and antibacterial soaps that contain harmful chemicals including triclosan and triclocarban.


A study conducted at the National University and the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology by the researcher Kyung-Chul Choi his colleagues from Chungbuk. They researched about the effects of triclosan and triclocarban on the hormonal system in this study. It is proved that triclosan is hormone disruptor.

There are many other studies researches that have shown that it reproduces estrogen and that outcomes in unfavorable effects on the production and the actions of other known hormones such ash testosterone.

Triclosan has adverse influences on the endocrine system and causes abnormal cellular development and it is proved that it causes breast cancer.

Tests conducted on animals showed that the EDCs were very high in both daily and long term exposure.


On the other hand the Octylphenol is antibacterial ingredient and it was exactly verified that it causes irregular cellar growth.

Both, octylphenol and triclosan are considerably surge the growth of abnormal cells.

There are many other studies that have shown that triclosan and triclocarban are relevant agents for a number of diseases including skin irritation, bacterial and compounded antibiotic resistance, endocrine disruption, and many other.

There are a number of groups of people including the Pesticides and the Environmental Working Group (EWG) are informing the people about the side effects of the triclosan.

They are make the people aware with the side effects of triclosan as it is an endocrine-disturbing synthetic (EDC).

It is significant to comment that they have petitioned the FDA to forbid the use of these chemicals in daily soaps’ production as well as other cosmetics and beauty products.

So readers if you are using these soaps, cosmetics and beauty products containing the both octylphenol and triclosan immediately discontinue the use and switch to the products that are free from the octylphenol, triclosan and other harmful chemicals that are harmful for the human health.

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