Tricks To Keep Away Lizards From Your House

Lizards are the unwanted visitors that are competent of generating annoyance in your home. Though lizards survive on pests, mosquitoes, and spiders and keep the surroundings clean, but in spite of of this fact, their existence is disturbing. They don’t only ruin house but are also poisonous.

Today we will tell you some easy tricks to get rid of Lizards easily from your house.

  1. Keep the eggs shells in your house as Lizards don’t like egg smell.
  2. Do hang garlic and onion where lizards mostly come as they don’t like the odor of garlic.
  3. Keep your house clean from mosquitoes, spiders and flies. For this purpose you can use the good quality insect killer spray.
  4. keep the Naphthalene Balls or mouth balls in your home at a safe place away from the reach of children.
  5. Don’t hang lots of pictures on the walls as lizards like to stay there.
  6. Don’t let the windows and door open for a long
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