UAE Embassy Decides to Help the ‘Fruit Selling Lady’ of Islamabad

UAE Embassy Decides to Help the ‘Fruit Selling Lady’ of Islamabad. Recently, the UAE Embassy has paid attention to the plight of a Pakistani woman, who uses to sell fruits in the F-11 area of Islamabad on her cart to support her children.

Yasmeen lost her husband and has three daughters and a son, who are studying in school.

Instead of begging in the streets, Yasmeen preferred to sell fruits on the cart in the streets of Islamabad.

Recently, her plight caught the attention of UAE embassy when a man, who goes by the Twitter handle @jalalsherazi, decided to reach out to the UAE diplomatic mission via a tweet to highlight the struggles that the woman was facing.

You can read his tweet below:

On seeing the tweet of jalalsherazi, the UAE Ambassador to Pakistan, Hamad Obaid Ebrahim Salem Al Zaabi, decided to visit Yasmeen at her fruit stall and decided to help her to remove her miseries.

Now the UAE embassy is individually raising her struggles and supporting her by highlighting her issue via their own social media channels.

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