United Bravo 800cc Car 2018 All Set to Launch in Pakistan

United Bravo 800cc Car 2018 All Set to Launch in Pakistan

United Bravo 800cc Car 2018 All Set to Launch in Pakistan. United Motors the second largest motorbike manufacturer in Pakistan, is soon to launch the Bravo 800cc Car 2018 in the country. United Bravo 800cc Car that looks like the Suzuki Mehran will definitely through a touch competition to Mehran.

Suzuki Mehran is the most economical vehicle in Pakistan but Pak-Suzuki has revealed to bring an end and will launch the limited edition of Mehran with new and advanced features.

United Motors has collaborated with Chinese automakers (name not revealed) for the production of its upcoming car Bravo for Pakistani consumers.

United Motors is well known Chines Company in Pakistan will launch its Bravo 800cc car and also 1000cc pickup in Pakistan.

United Motors To Launch 800cc Car With Advance Features

United Bravo 800cc Car 2018 images surfaced on social media that revealed it is equipped with all features including power windows, infotainment unit, digital speedometer cluster, rear parking camera and more.

It will come featuring the 800cc 3-cylinder, four-stroke unit, 4-speed manual transmission.

When Will United Bravo 800cc Car 2018 Launch in Pakistan?

As per the reports the United Bravo 800cc Car 2018 will be launched in Pakistan in the first half of the current financial year. However there is no word about the exact availability date of the car.

Price of United Bravo 800cc Car 2018:

There are no final words about the price of United Bravo 800cc Car by the company for the Pakistani market.

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