Are You Feeling Embarrassed Due to Vitiligo (White Spots)? Try Out Natural Ways To Treat It

Are You Feeling Embarrassed Due to Vitiligo (White Spots)? Try Out Natural Ways To Treat It

Table of Content

What is vitiligo?

Is vitiligo genetic?

Is Vitligo curable?

Vitiligo in children, women and men

Vitiligo causes

Vitiligo symptoms

Types ofvitiligo

Vitiligo treatments

Natural ways to treat vitiligo

EatHealthy and Nutritious Food

Celebrities with Vitiligo

What is vitiligo?

First of all there is dire need toknow what vitiligo is? It is actually a long terms skin condition in which skinstarts developing the pale white patches due to the lack of melanin, a pigmentin the skin.

Melaninis a compound involve in giving color to the skin and when thecells that produce melanin or melanocytes discontinue functioning or die, whitespots appear on the skin. Generally to get rid the white spots on the skin isvery touch once they occur.

It can affect the whole body and youcan see its visibility any area of skin, but most commonly occurs on the mouth,temples, face, neck and hands, and in skin creases. Vitiligo is usuallyaccompanied by premature graying of hair.

To have the tiny pimple on face robsour peace of mind and in case if you affected by the vitiligo (white patches)on the skin it may cause you mental stress. If you see any of the white patchon the skin you need to take immediate action.

Although it’s not a life threateningillness but causes the mental stress because you start lacking your beauty dueto the white patches that start increasing day by day.

In most of the cases not onlyfemales but males become the butt of mental stress, lose self-confidence andtend to feel embarrassed to go out.

Is vitiligo genetic?

Vitiligo (white spots) startsaffecting the skin near the nose, mouth, temples, face, eyes, neck and otherparts of the body.

There are a number of causes itappears the Research suggests that it can happen due to chemical reactions, oxidativestress, neural or viral causes, medical condition, autoimmune disorder and it canbe genetic as well.

Is Vitiligo curable?

Don’t need to be upset because itcan be can be treated if diagnosed at an early stage. Allopathic sciences recommendlots of treatments for this skin disease and these are habitually painful and costly.

Don’t you worry there are a fewnatural ways that help you to get rid of white patches at home if you canafford the treatment. It is significant to examine why vitiligo happens andknow the different types.

The white patches of the skin aremore susceptible to sunburn, so it’s significant to take extra care when goingout in the sun. You need to use the high quality sun protection factor (SPF).

Vitiligo in children, women and men

Vitiligo can affect people of allraces. The people with the dark skin color are most likely to have the whitepatches. As compared to women men are most likely to have this skincondition.   

Children can also become the butt ofthis skin color disorder and the childhood vitiligo differs from the adults.Childhood vitiligo is habitually related with a noticeablepsychosocial and persistent effect on the self-esteem of the affected children.

People within the age of 10-30 are liableto vitiligo. The fact that vitiligo is more common in family members of peoplewith vitiligo means that genetics play a role in the disease.

Vitiligo causes

There are a number of factors thatcontribute in having the white patches on the skin, some of them are mentionedbelow:

Immune System: adisorder of the immune system leads the melanocytes to die in the skin thatleads skin to develop vitiligo.

Genetic: vitiligo isalso genetic because in having the sever kind of ailments family historymatters a lot.

Other Factors:including the medical condition, chemical reaction, sunburn, extreme stress,viral infection, etc.

Vitiligo symptoms

The occurrence of the vitiligo isjust to see the white patches on the skin. It appears on the area of the skinthat is expose to sun rays.

Usually it is small white spot anddifferent in color to the rest of the skin color. These white patches aredifferent in shapes and become vulnerable in the sun, you may feel discomfort,irritation and dryness of the skin.

So it is very much essential totreat it at early stages and also use the high quality sun screen to protect itfrom the harmful UV rays because it can turn into red and cause morediscomfort. 

Types of vitiligo

There are two type of vitiligoincluding segmental vitiligo and non-segmental vitiligo that are furtherdivided in to many categories. Here aresome of the types of vitiligo;

Non-segmental vitiligo

  1. Generalized Vitiligo: it’s a common vitiligo that occurs on many parts ofthe body.
  2. Acrofacial: itis commonly affect the fingers or toes.
  3. Mucosal: This typeusually affects around the mucous membranes and lips.
  4. Universal: thistypes of vitiligo covers most of the body. This is very rare.
  5. Focal: this type isusually occurs in children in which you see the scattered white patches on thedifferent areas of the skin.


Thistype affects only one side of the body. It happens at a younger age, developsfor a year or two and then halts.

Vitiligo treatments

Allopathic sciences recommend lots oftreatments for this skin disease and these are habitually painful and costly.

Theresults of the allopathic treatment vary and are unpredictable. Some of the vitiligotreatments have serious side effects.

Here are some of the below mentionedvitiligo treatments:

  1. Drugs
  2. Surgery
  3. Therapies

Ifyou decide to go through any of these above mentioned vitiligo treatments the processmay take many months. Even if treatment is effective for a while, the resultsmay not last or new patches may appear.

Beforeall these medicated treatments the doctor may recommend that you first tryimproving the look of your skin by applying self-tanning products and also bychanging your lifestyle.

Natural ways to treat vitiligo

Although the appearance of whitespots on the skin is not permanently curable but you can give a try to some ofthe natural ways to cure them. You also need to be patience and need to followthese home remedies on regular basis in order to cure vitiligo.

Virgin Coconut Oil: Massage the coconut oil onthe affected area daily at night until you get the desired results.

Aloe Vera: Cut analoe vera leaf and rub its gel on the white spots 2 to 3times a day for few minutes and wash it with plain water after few hours.

Essential Oils

FrankincenseEssential Oil: Take fewdrops of the frankincense essential oil and mixwith any of the carrier oil and massage the affected area daily until oil isfully absorbed.

Black Pepper Essential Oil: Take few drops of the black pepperessential oil and mix with any of the carrier oil and massage the white patchesdaily until oil is fully absorbed.

BergamotEssential Oil: Take fewdrops of the bergamot essential oil and massagethe white patches daily.

Tea Tree Oil: Take few drops of the tea tree oil and mix with any of the carrier oil and applyon the affected area with the help of cotton ball. Do this once or twice in aday.

Ginger Juice: You need to apply the fresh gingerjuice daily on the affected area for half an hour and then rinse with water.

Green Tea: You need to apply the fresh greentea with the help of the cotton ball on the affected area for few minutes andthen rinse with water. Do this procedure 2 to 3 times a day. You may drink a cup of green tea twice a day.

Papaya: Cut a piece of papaya and rub iton the white patches for few minutes and wash with plain water.

Mustard Oil andTurmeric: In a jaradd mustard oil and few teaspoonsturmeric powder mix them well and onthe white spots for few hours and then rinse. Store the remaining oil forfurther use.

Eat Healthy andNutritious Food

You need to eat the healthy and nutritious food daily in order to avoid the vitamins deficiency. Because the deficiency of the vitamin B12 can cause anemia and leads to develop white spots on the skin. If you feel the deficiency of the vitamin B12 immediately consult your health care physician and start taking the folic acid and B12 supplements. You can also eat yogurt daily within meals in order to carb the Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Othervitamins that you can benefit from are vitamins C & E, as these are strongantioxidants. Other nutrients include copper, iron, zinc that are very muchessential for the vitiligo patient.

Ahealthy diet full of good nutrients here are some foods that people withvitiligo have to eat

bananas, apples, leafy greens, such as kale or romaine lettuce, chickpeas, root vegetables, especially beets, carrots, radishes figs and dates

Here are certain foods that youshould not eat if you are suffering from vitiligo:

Alcohol, blueberries, citrus, coffee, curds, fish, fruit juice, gooseberries, grapes, pickles, pomegranate, pears, red meats, tomatoes and wheat products.

On the whole it can be said that this article is for your assistance you first need to consult your health care physician before self-practice. All the ways to treat vitiligo (white spots) are natural and home remedies that will not work like a magic and you will see the difference in one night. You need to have patience and you can also try out other treatments like medications and creams to get rid of white spots on the skin but it is important to do practice to natural home remedies and eat and healthy diet to reduce the appearance of white spots.

Celebrities with Vitiligo

If you have the vitiligo don’t need to feel embarrassed orstop going out to enjoy your life with friends and family. It’s just a skinailment you don’t need to be stressful because in this world there are a numberof people having vitiligo but living wonderful life with their families. Do youknow or not but there are lots of celebrities as well who have the vitiligo(white spots) but they are play their parts happily.

Here is the list of celebrities with vitiligo:

Steve Martin
Joe Rogan
Jon Hamm
Rasheed Wallace
Thomas Lennon
Micheal Jackson

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