Wadera Killed Young Girl In Front Of Her Parents After She Refused To Marry

Wadera Killed Young Girl In Front Of Her Parents After She Refused To Marry. This is not the first time; we see a number of such types of incidents are kept on happening in Pakistan. It seems our law enforcement institutes and agencies are really helpless in controlling such type of incidents in the country.  The culprits live freely because they have supporting resources.

Recently a tragic incident occurred in Jhangaara near Sehwan, Sindh where a Wadera (landlord) has killed a young girl (Tania) brutally in front of her parents because she refused to marry him.

According to reports the Wadera entered in to the girl house with a gun and shot her to death right in front of her parents.  Wadera was angry on the rejection by a local village girl, lost control on his temper and decided to take the girl’s life.

The victim Tania, who lost her life, was a student of matriculation.

Police has not taken any action against this Wadera because police is usually bound to the landlords.

We just can even imagine the grief of Tania’s Parents, who saw her daughter murder with their own eyes. This is not the first time a number of incidents are keep on happening in Sindh and other hinterlands, where Waderas (landlords) are ruling. Media such highlight such type of incidents as much as possible, so the families and victimized girls get justice.
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