Wasif Abbasi Video Went Viral on Social Media: The Story of Abusing a Girl on Gun Point

Islamabad ( TV News ):Wasif Abbasi Video Went Viral on Social Media. This man belongs of Rawalpindi Bar and showing him as a humble person and now things have gone too far. The Wasif Abbasi Video shows he is abusing a girl on gun point.

Wasif Abbasi Video Went Viral on Social Media: The Story of Abusing a Girl on Gun Point. Islamabad Police registered a case against a person (Wasif Abbasi) for threatening and beating a lady in a viral video that went hot topic on social media, reported the local TV media on Friday.

The video of the incident that went viral on social media, showing a person known as Wasif Abbasi threatening and thrashing a lady on gun point. This video has outraged the people and they expressed anger as we can see in the video Abbasi not solely created the girl kneel before him however used expletives to threaten her and beat her within the finish.

People demanded action against Abbasi, national capital Police placed the girl and inquired her concerning the incident before registering a case in Ramna station house.

The woman maintained within the First Information Report (FIR) that Wasif was her university fellow and was threatening her when she refused to marry him. She maintained that she cannot even attend her university for Wasif chases her and has vulnerable her and her friends varied times within the past.

Police aforementioned that Wasif Abbasi is out of the country and can be in remission upon his come.

The Law enforcement agency revealed that Abbasi is also the leader of a gang comprising boys from from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The members of the cluster area unit aforementioned to be concerned in commerce medicine and alternative criminal activities.

Here you can watch the Wasif Abbasi video that went viral on social media and created outrage among people.


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