WhatsApp Will Allow You To Watch Youtube Videos Within The App

WhatsApp Will Allow You To Watch Youtube Videos Within The App.  No doubt Facebook introduces new features day by day for its platforms including Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and Facebook itself. But this time Facebook is including the Youtube Videos within WhatsApp, it means you will soon be able to watch the Youtube Videos to the world’s most popular messenger, WhatsApp.

The reports revealed that the latest version of WhatsApp will permit its users to watch the YouTube videos. Currently if someone sends you Youtube videos you receives a link with image and small preview and when you want to watch the video you tap on that link, it takes you to the YouTube app and you can continue watching the video there.

Now the latest version of WhatsApp will allow you to watch YouTube videos within the app. It means you won’t need to leave the app, it will make the thumbnail of the link instead and you’ll be able to play the video from that thumbnail, within the chat.

Furthermore, this latest features in WhatsApp will allow you to continue chatting with your near and dear ones while your video is being played.

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We can’t say anything of if the users can pinch on the video to expand it within a chat window, or open the YouTube video full-screen, until the latest update starts to roll out.

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