Yamaha Launches All New YB125Z Motorbike in Pakistan

Yamaha Launches All New YB125Z Motorbike in Pakistan

Yamaha Motors introduced another luxury motorbike in Pakistan after the successful approval of YBR series. Yamaha Motor has introduced the all New YB125Z Motorbike in the country after two years event held today in Lahore.

Yamaha YB125Z motorbike will definitely get a tremendous response among users and will throw a challenge to Chinese and Japanese motorbikes brands in Pakistan including Honda.

At the launch event of Yamaha YB125Z motorbike the Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Pakistan, Mr. Shigeru Ishikawa mentioned some of the features of motorbike. He also said that the company is proposing to open nearly 100,000 sales units and Yamaha YB125Z will play significant role in achieving the target in Pakistan.

The all new Yamaha YB125Z motorbike includes longer and wider seats, and is particularly assembled for fewer vibrations with the support of engine balancer. The Yamaha YB125Z motorbike contains powerful headlight halogen lamp, self-starter and gear indication on the meter.

Yamaha Launches All New YB125Z Motorbike in Pakistan

Availability of Yamaha YB125Z motorbike in Pakistan:

Yamaha representatives said that the new models will be available in the market from mid-April.

Price of Yamaha YB125Z motorbike in Pakistan:

The price of Yamaha YB125Z is  PKR 115, 900 in Pakistan.

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