Zong 4G and BlueEast Join Forces for IoT Ecosystem Development

Pakistan No.1 Data Network Zong4G and Largest IoT company of Pakistan BlueEast, a subsidiary ofOrient Group of companies, today announced their joint venture for thedevelopment of an ecosystem for Internet of Things (IoT). This partnership willcontribute towards innovation and digitization across the country throughdeployment of IoT solution.

The MoU and contract signing ceremony was held in the presence ofZong 4G’s Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Li Wenyu, and Chief Executive Officer,BlueEast and Director Sales and Marketing, Orient Group of Companies, MianAbdul Rehman Talat, along with management of both companies.

Combining the industry expertiseof Blue East  and professional servicescapabilities of Zong 4G,  Pakistan’s No.1Data Network, the technological prowess of Worlds’ Largest TelecommunicationNetwork, China Mobile and Pakistan’s Largest IoT solution development company,the partnership will accelerate the development of novel and customizedsolutions for enterprises.

Underpinned by Zong4G’s deep industry expertise and state-of-the-art connectivity, the venture will provide tailored- solutions for enterprises to meet their goals and improve their efficiencies across the board. The initial phase of this partnership will enable internet connectivity on 20,000 existing multi brand air conditioners in the corporate sector.

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