Zong Conducts the First 5G Video Call of Pakistan

Zong, Pakistan’s leading telecommunication operator, today successfully completed South Asia’s first official 5G video call and also reached the mind-boggling speeds of over 1.5GB per second during testing.

This effective test has demonstrated the potential of high-speed internet that will define Pakistan’s digital future and has also cemented Zong’s position as the leader of the digital revolution in the country.

Zong is committed to pave the wayfor more cutting-edge and innovative use-cases in the coming days that will seta benchmark for the industry and build on Zong’s existing technicalsuperiority.

“It is a proud moment for bothPakistan and Zong today as we have successfully tested the first official videocall on 5G network in South Asia. We will be showcasing more technologicallyadvanced and groundbreaking use-cases to enable Pakistan to become one of themost digitally connected countries in the world.” Said Chairman and CEO Zong,Mr. Wang Hua.

Pioneering the 5G technology in the country has demonstrated Zong’s unwavering commitment to building world-class infrastructure in support of Pakistan’s digital agenda. Zong’s leading role in testing 5G at phenomenal speeds and completing the first official video call is a significant step in its 5G journey.

Zong Conducts the First 5G Video Call of Pakistan

Zong, being the harbinger of the digital revolution in Pakistan, remains committed to providing its customers with access to the most innovative and digitally advanced solutions available. Stay tuned to witness the journey of Pakistan’s digital revolution.

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