Zong 4G Internet Packages 2023: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Zong 4G Internet Packages 2023: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Complete details about Zong Internet Packages 2023, daily, weekly, and monthly for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

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Zong 4G Services in Pakistan
Zong Internet Packages
Zong Daily Internet Packages
Zong Weekly Internet Packages
Zong Monthly Internet Packages
Zong Social Internet Packages
Zong Facebook Daily Package
Zong Postpaid Internet Packages


Zong 4G is Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network Operator that is making noteworthy investments in telecommunications infrastructure in Pakistan. Zong has commemorated “10 years of Excellence” recently. The company has been a telecommunication network inventor and a market frontrunner, providing the many firsts of the trade. With the first launch of 4G in Pakistan, Zong Telecom has become the first to cross the prolific mark of 10,000+ 4G towers and the first to reach the more than 10 million 4G customers mark.

Zong 4G Services in Pakistan

Zong is a China-based telecom operator in Pakistan with its headquarters in Islamabad. The telecom operator is providing a number of 4G internet packages, 4G bolt devices WiFi and USB, and also mobile phones with high-speed 4G internet connectivity at affordable rates.

How to subscribe to Zong Internet Packages?

Today in this article we will tell our readers who are the users of Zong SIMs how to subscribe to the “Zong internet Packages”, daily, weekly, and monthly that are for prepaid and postpaid customers.

Zong 4G is one of the largest Telecom operators in Pakistan, offering a large number of affordable 4G internet bundles, call packages, SMS packages, Wi-Fi internet devices, and much more.

We have also discussed the Zong 4G Bolt Internet Devices that the customers can purchase from the customer care centers and also can subscribe to the packages from their sims.

today in this article the users of Zong will find here the complete details of Zong 4G Internet packages, subscriptions, and charges of all the Zong 4G internet packages. All the “Zong 4G Internet Packages” are offering different data packages with different affordable prices.

The below-mentioned Zong Internet Packages are for prepaid and postpaid customers and fulfill their communication needs according to their choice. These 4G Internet Packages by Zong are easy to subscribe to and available at very affordable rates.

The subscribers of Zong telecom can anytime subscribe and un-subscribe these 4G Internet Packages by following the codes of the package. Below are the complete details on how to subscribe to the Zong Internet Packages 2023, daily, weekly and monthly.

Besides having the subscription details of Zong 4G  Internet Packages, daily, weekly, and monthly, you can get the un-subscription and charges details as well.

After reading the details below about Zong 4G internet packages 2023 users can easily subscribe to the internet bundle according to their choice to enjoy seamless internet connectivity.

How to subscribe to Zong Internet Packages Daily?

The “Zong Daily Internet Packages” allows users to remain connected with friends and family with uninterrupted internet 24 hours a day. Below are the complete details of Zong’s daily internet packages 2023, how to subscribe? how to unsubscribe, activation code, charges, and validity. You just need to dial the code for the Zong daily internet packages 2023 from your mobile phone to subscribe to the daily internet package to enjoy the 4G internet connectivity with Zong.

Data VolumeChargesSubscriptionValidity
Zong Daily Basic 100MB InternetRs.23 plus tax *6464#1 Day
Zong Daily Max 1GB
500MB Internet + 500MB YouTube
Rs.49 plus tax*5#1 Day
Zong Daytime Offer 1500MB Internet (From 4 am to 7 pm)Rs.23 plus tax*47#Applicable from 4 am to 7pm
Zong GNO Offer 2.5 MB of the Internet (from
1 am to 9 am)

Rs.23 plus taxwrite gno and send it to 6464Applicable from 1am to 9am
Zong Daily Social Pack
1.5 GB Data For Whatsapp, YouTube, Facebook and IMO

Zong Daily Shandar Offer
50 MB, Unlimited Zong Minutes, 800 SMS

Rs.23plus tax


1 Day

How to subscribe Zong Super Weekly Internet Package?

Here are the whole details of the “Zong Weekly Internet Packages” that are available at a very much affordable for all Zong users. Users can subscribe to these Zong Weekly Internet Packages for the 7 days of the week by dialing the given codes they want to subscribe to. Here are the 3 best Zong weekly internet packages in 2023 that customers can switch to enjoy 4G internet connectivity with Zong.  

Data VolumeChargesSubscriptionValidity
4GB Internet  Rs. 200 plus tax*6464#   7   Days

How to subscribe Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Package?

Data VolumeChargesSubscriptionValidity
8 GB Internet  Rs.260 plus tax*20#      7 Days

How to subscribe Zong Super Weekly Max Internet Package?

Data VolumeChargesSubscriptionValidity
25 GB Rs.340 plus tax*220#7       Days

How to subscribe Zong Super Weekly Premium Internet Package?

Data VolumeChargesSubscriptionValidity
30 GB +180 minutes to all networks in Pakistan and 5000 SMS and Zong minutes Rs.365 plus tax*225#7       Days

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Data VolumeChargesSubscription and UnsubscriptionValidity
Zong Weekly TikTok Offer 3GB internet Rs.70 plus tax*606#7 Days
Zong Weekly Video Offer 8GB of Internet For YouTube and TikTokRs. 150 plus tax*570# or send sub1 to 916
UNSUB to 916
7 Days
Zong Weekly Haftawar Punjab Offer 3GB Internet/100 off-net-minutes/1000 free Zong minutes and SMS   Rs. 160 plus tax*476#7 Days
Zong Weekly Stay at Home Bundle (10GB data and 1000 Zong minutes from 6 am to 6 pm)
Rs.110 plus tax*3434#30 Days

How to subscribe to Zong Monthly Internet Packages?

With the “Zong monthly internet packages 2023,” users can enjoy continuous internet for 30 days of a month and remain in touch with their friends and family.  Below are the complete details of the zong monthly internet packages for 2023, how to subscribe? how to unsubscribe, activation code, charges, and validity. Just dial the code and enjoy the Zong 4G internet connectivity for the whole month at affordable rates.

Data VolumeChargesSubscriptionValidity
Zong Super Monthly Offer 30GB Internet     
(including 6GB Youtube and 4GB for Whatsapp)
450 Off-net-Minutes
5000 Zong Minute
5000 SMS
Rs.1299 plus tax*4567#30 Days
Zong Super Monthly 5GB Offer

Zong Monthly Social Mini 6GB For Facebook and WhatsApp
Rs. 299 plus tax

Rs.130 Plus Tax

30 Days

30 Days
Zong Super Monthly Plus 20GB Internet (10GB from 1am to 9am)
Rs. 575 plus tax6464# 30 Days
Zong Super Monthly Max 40 GB (20GB from 1am to 9am)
Rs.899 plus tax*6#30 Days

How to subscribe Zong Daily Social Internet Package?

 With the Zong Social Internet Packages customers can use unlimited WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Line 24 hours a day upon activation and also Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi).

Data VolumeChargesSubscriptionValidity
Zong Daily Social Offer 1.5GB of Internet   Rs.23 plus tax*386#1 Day

How to subscribe to Zong Super Recharge Offer?

Data Volume Charges Subscription Validity
1.5GB Internet
25 Off-net-minutes
300 Zong Minutes
700 SMS
Rs.50 plus tax *3454# 3       Day

How to subscribe Zong Monthly Social Internet Package?

Data VolumeChargesSubscriptionValidity
Zong Monthly Social Offer 12 GB Internet for WhatsApp + Facebook + IMO
250 Zong Minutes, 25 Off-net Minutes
Rs.220 plus tax*6000#30 Day

How to subscribe Zong 1 Hour YouTube Package?

Data Volume Charges Subscription Validity
1 Hour Youtube Rs.1 Only *1987# 1 Hour

Note: Zong 1 Hour YouTube Package can be subscribed to only twice in 1 day.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You can also dial *32# for the tariff activation menu.
  • Dial *102# to check the remaining data.
  • Charges 10 Paisa per inquiry.
  • Rs. 1/MB & will be charged as per the bundle expiry.
  • If you are using the internet without subscribing to any internet package, the default rate of Rs.4 /MB will be charged.
  • All the above-mentioned Zong Internet Packages 2023 are re-subscribed in case of balance availability except Monthly Premium 10GB, Super Weekly, Super Weekly Plus, and Social Package.

How to subscribe to Zong Postpaid Internet Packages?

Here is the detail of All Zong Postpaid internet packages;

Z Postpaid Packages Free MB On-net Minutes Off-net Minutes SMS Monthly Line Rent Minimum Security Deposit
Z2700 50GB Unlimited free on-net minutes 1200 free off-net minutes 5000 Rs. 2700 plus tax Rs.5000
Z1300 24GB Unlimited free on-net minutes 800 free off-net minutes 4000 Rs.1300 plus tax Rs.3000
Z900 10GB Unlimited free on-net minutes 500 free off-net minutes 2000 Rs.900 plus tax Rs.2000
Z550 4GB 1500 free on-net minutes 300 free off-net minutes 1000 Rs.550 plus tax Rs.1000
Z Silver Tarif

Z Gold Tarif


1500 free on-net minutes

Unlimited free on-net minutes
300 free off-net minutes

500 free off-net minutes

Rs.650 plus tax

Rs.999 plus tax


How to activate Zong Postpaid Internet Packages?

  • For Activation and details please call 310 Helpline. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Increase the credit limit by 5%
  • Free itemized bill by email
  • Bill notifications by sms
  • Data Usage Notification based on  50%, 80% and 100%
  • Pro-ration in the first billing cycle of line rent & freebies
  • No call set-up charges
  • All prices are exclusive of taxes. All Government taxes will be applicable on the postpaid packages.

For more information about Zong internet packages 2023, you can visit the official Zong 4G website.

For more updates stay in touch with daytimes.pk

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