HRL Motors Reveals Zotye Z100 in Pakistan

HRL Motors Reveals Zotye Z100 in Pakistan

HRL Motors has launched the new Zotye Z100 car in Pakistan in collaboration with the Zotey China. The Zotye Z100 is an affordable cars in Pakistani automobile market with outstanding features.

Look alike to the Mehran Alto the new Zotye Z100 car is a mid-range vehicle in the Pakistani automobile market and the standard version it equipped with 1.0 litre 3 cylinder engine, competent of producing 68hp, mated to a 5-speed manual or an ATM transmission.

Variants of Zotye Z100:

There are three variants of Zotye Z100 available in international market

  1. Zotye Z100 1.0L Standard
  2. Zotye  Z100 1.0L Comfort
  3. Zotye Z100 0L Elite

Available Colors of Zotye Z100:

The Zotye Z100 is available having red, white, blue and silver color options.

Have a look at the specifications of Zotye Z100 below:

specifications- of-zotey-z100

Price of Zotye Z100 in Pakistan:

The official price of Zotye Z100 in Pakistan is Rs. 1,172,000.

specifications- of-zotey-z100-1

How to book Zotye Z100 in Pakistan:

You can book Zotye Z100 in Pakistan at as low as PKR 25,000.

Test Drive of Zotye Z100 in Pakistan:

Sign up at the link here and book your test drive for Zotye Z100 in Pakistan

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