Volkswagen To Open Vehicle Assembly Plant in Pakistan

Sumera Saeed

Volkswagen To Open Vehicle Assembly Plant in Pakistan

Volkswagen Pakistan to start its vehicle assembly plant in Karachi in a joint Venture with Pakistan Premier Motors .

Volkswagen To Open Vehicle Assembly Plant in Pakistan. The world’s renowned and largest automobile company Volkswagen now in Pakistan. Yes you heard the right the Volkswagen has got a deal to render its services in Pakistan by making an agreement with a local motor vehicle company namely the Pakistan Premier Motors (PML) for manufacturing and assembly of commercial vehicles in the country.

The news of Volkswagen entering into Pakistan has been eagerly greeted at all heads and the country is now in hoping of this business initiative running effectively throughout Pakistan. The German Global Automotive Volkswagen is now entered in the automotive market industry of Pakistan with a bulky investment by doing a legal agreement with the local partner Premier Motors Ltd.

Both the companies have signed the agreement which is based on the licensing contract of a completely knocked down (CKD) assembly plant in Karachi.

The arrival of VW would improve the existing industrial standards being taken up in the automobile industry of Pakistan. This joint venture of both the automotive companies will upshot in hefty incentives, as the Government offers special spurs for the new holders into the market and will fetch more options for the people and this will also add more in the economy of the country.

Which Vehicles Volkswagen will assemble in Pakistan?

Premier Systems Private Limited is the authorised importer of Audi vehicles in the country, and the joint venture of the PML and Volkswagen will turn into assembling the Amarok, Transporter T-6, Caddy and Skoda in Pakistan.

The company will work in three phases in the country as it develop the 28,000 units of Amarok and Transporter T-6 light commercial vehicles in the first phase.

Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen To Open Vehicle Assembly Plant in Pakistan

Volkswagen Transporter T-6

Volkswagen To Open Vehicle Assembly Plant in Pakistan

In the second and third phases the Caddy and Skoda vehicles will be assembled respectively.

Volkswagen Caddy

Volkswagen To Open Vehicle Assembly Plant in Pakistan

Volkswagen Sakoda

Volkswagen To Open Vehicle Assembly Plant in Pakistan

What are the benefits of the Joint Venture?

It is expected that the new project of the Volkswagen in Pakistan will generate 500 million euros annually in exports and 200 million euros in duties and taxes. As per the estimation the automobile would also trade vehicles to the regional countries from Pakistan.

Furthermore, the vehicle assembly plant of Volkswagen in Pakistan would approximately generate 5,400 jobs which include 1,400 direct jobs for the people in the country.

The company plans to have at least 40 dealerships across the country.

Volkswagen Arrival Will Bring the End of Japanese Assemblers’ Monopoly in Pakistan

Earlier, French carmaker Renault entered in the Pakistan with a manufacturing plant. The Renault partnered with Al-Futtaim for the manufacturing of vehicle assembling plant in Pakistan. Not only this, there are also new entrants from South Korea and China as well.

This will not only break the domination of the Japanese assemblers in Pakistan but also bring the locally assembled vehicles in the country which the three Japanese assemblers failed to do.

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