Yamaha and Honda Increase Prices of Their CD 70 and 125 Motorcycles

Sumera Saeed

Yamaha and Honda Increase Prices of Their CD 70 and 125 Motorcycles

Yamaha and Honda have increased the prices of their 70 and 125 motorcycles in Pakistan.

A few years back in Pakistan, the cost of vehicles came to see intense growth, but now the people who want to buy a motorcycle are also worried because “Yamaha and Atlas Honda” have also increased the prices of their bikes. 

According to sources, Atlas Honda has increased its motorcycle price by two thousand while Yamaha has increased by fifteen thousand rupees on the models including CD 70, CD 70 Dream, Pridor, CG 125, CG 125SE, CB 125F, CB 150F, and CB 150F SE.

It is considered that the price rise decision has been taken by keeping in mind the devaluation of the rupees and the high rate of taxes and duty on spare parts. The new pieces have been taken for the provided list of motorcycle dealers.

New Prices of Yamaha Motorcycles in Pakistan:

After the increase of four thousand rupees, Yamaha YB125Z has increased from 217,9480 to Rs.255,000. The price of Yamaha YB 125Z DX price in Pakistan is now Rs.454,000. The cost of Yamaha YBR125G  is available at a price of Rs.485,000 and the YBR125G Limited Edition price is Rs.488,000.

The Yamaha YBR 125 price in Pakistan is now Rs.466,000.

New Prices of Honda Motorcycles in Pakistan:

On the other hand, Atlas Honda has increased the price of the CB150F model to 493,900.

The Honda CD 70 new price is Rs.111,500 and its old price was Rs. 106,500.

The new price of the Honda CD 70 Dream is Rs.1157,900. The company has increased the CD 70 Dream Price to Rs.168,900.

The new price of the Honda Pridor 100 is Rs.208,900 after the hike.

On the other hand, the Atlas Honda CG 125 motorcycle has been increased to Rs.234,900.

Honda has also increased the price of the Honda CB 125F to Rs. 390,900. The new price of CB 150F (silver) is Rs. 497,900 whereas the Honda CB 150F (Red/Black) is now available for  Rs.  493,900.

In recent years, motorcycle brands in Pakistan raised the prices of motorcycles many times. For more updates stay in touch with daytimes.pk.

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