Foods Pushing You Into A Dark Abyss

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Foods Pushing You Into A Dark Abyss

Are you one of those people who think that even water makes you fat? Do you too think that you are doing nothing wrong still gaining weight every day? Are you at a point where your increasing weight has started to affect your health? If yes, then let me remind you that water makes nobody fat. Yes, different people have different tendencies and metabolisms, but the prime reason for your ever-increasing weight is what you are fueling your body with.

 The Fruit cereal you had in breakfast, the just one bite of your favorite dessert, and just a sider in lunch, all are a recipe for disaster. If you eat like an average and so-called normal person, you need to look no further than your plate to find the reason behind your growing belly and all other medical issues you are facing. What we eat normally is absolute junk and people who eat otherwise, we call them fitness freaks. What an irony?

 The foods we eat today are loaded with sugar and salt, both of which are the prime suspects in the murder of your health. With the market inundated with unhealthy foods, you will have to take from a nutritionist, if you really want to stay healthy.

 Here are a few of your favorite foods that are stabbing you in the back

 Your favorite Pizza                         

 The pizza you love to death is made up of sugary dough, fatty cheese, inorganic chicken and god know how grown vegetables. All of these create a deadly combo, all set to make you fat and wreak havoc in your hormonal system. The dough of pizza is made out of white flour, with added sugar and salt. This could be your one-way ticket to weight gain. The cheese you are fond of is a literal fact. Although cheese is a source of good fat and has various health benefits, excess of it can be detrimental to your health as it can easily lead to weight gain. All the fast food you eat is loaded with salt and salt has sodium that can increase your blood pressure and compromise your heart health.

 The Gooey Marshmallow

 The thought of hiking and bonfire doesn’t come without an image of having smores around the fire. But if you don’t know already let me tell you that these marshmallows are pure sugar. Marshmallows have nothing else than sugar, flour, water, and a whipping agent. So if you were unable to point out the exact cause of your hormonal disturbance, look no further. Sugar can disturb your hormonal balance like no other. It leads to weight gain and eventually leads to heart issues.

 The Big Mac

If our choice is even remotely similar, you too order The big mac at McDonald’s. Even if you don’t, and order any other burger, all you are eating is fat, carbs, and sodium. The bun is made up of white bread, the patty is made up of highly processed and salted meat, the pickles have been stored for long, the sauces are pure fat. Above all the coke you drink with it is absolute filth. It contains nothing but sugars and a hefty amount of sodium. It is highly likely that you treat yourself with a mandatory McFlurry at the end which a cherry on top of this deadly food combination.

 The US Large Coke

 Recently I went to Hardees and like usual, ordered myself a burger, with curly fries and a large diet coke. Little did I knew that by large they meant container size. Oh my my! was that coke large. The diet coke I ordered to subside my guilt of eating a burger multiplied it by a hundredfold. But I still console myself with the idea of it being a diet coke. I can only imagine the pain of my brother who ordered a regular large. Even if he didn’t feel the pain in his heart right then, he for sure will at some stage in his life.

 Your coke is loaded with sugar and sodium, both of which are the worst enemy of your health. Both can cause serious heart issues that can lead to stroke and death.

 The White Bread

 Now that you have understood all the harms of eating out and have finally decided to eat at home and are ready to put margarine on that slice of white bread. STOP! That bread too contains nothing but sugar. Ok, I won’t go so hard on you, you can have a slice. But if you are eating that slice thinking that is something healthy, it’s not.

 White bread is made up of white flour, which again is a simple carb. Simple carbs are also referred to as sugars or simple sugars. And here I am telling you again that sugar does nothing good to your body. Also, don’t trick me into believing that you always eat your bread with an omelet. You spread Nutella, jam, and margarine on it, making it even more unhealthy.

If you look deeper into your plate, you are likely to find everything unhealthy. Today we have lost access to organic nutritious food, but this doesn’t mean that we should give up on a healthy lifestyle. A nutritionist can help you in designing a diet that will improve your health and yet satisfy all your taste buds. All you have to do is to book an appointment with the best nutritionists in Pakistan through, and say hello to a healthier self. 

BIO: HIBA BATOOL; a nutrition researcher and writer at

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