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Experienced surgeon performing advanced hair transplant procedure at Hash Clinics in Karachi

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are taken from the back side of the head where hair is in greater quantity and then inserted on the frontal side of the head which is usually the bald area. It can also be transplanted for a beard, moustache, or eyebrow but mainly people consider it for the head.

There are mainly two techniques of hair transplant, one is old & one is a new technique preferred by everyone nowadays, the reason is explained below. Looking for the best hair transplant in Karachi? Visit Hash Clinics.

Techniques of hair transplant:

There are two hair transplant techniques: the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation – Old Method) and the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction – New Method). With a FUE hair transplant, every single follicular unit is harvested from the scalp. The hair follicles are eliminated randomly, helping hair transplant technicians harvest hair from the donor areas with less noticeable thinning of the area. With this, doctors ensure that hair is harvested through microscopic circular incisions on the scalp.

In follicular unit transplantation (FUT), which is also known as the strip method, doctors remove a long and thin piece of tissue from the back of your scalp. Individual follicular units are then eliminated from this strip using stereo-microscopic dissection. Once the glands have been harvested, they close the wound, leaving just a single linear scar.

FUE hair transplant:

Follicular unit extraction is a hair transplant done by taking single hair follicles from your skin and transferring them to another part of your body where hair is absent or less. This hair transplant technique has become more popular because of its high effectiveness.

Doctors use micro punches to take out individual follicles and transfer them, leaving behind almost no indicators of extraction. This procedure is considered completely safe if done by a doctor with higher expertise and experience. Even though you might experience minor side effects like bruising, sensitivity and swelling, doctors will ensure they minimize them.

This hair transplant method restores hair by replacing the old fossils with new ones that are still able to grow hair after the transplant; ensures that the follicles are nourished by the blood vessels and start growing hair in the area that previously had thin hair.

FUT hair transplant:

In Follicular Unit Transplantation, the surgeon removes a long and thin piece of hair from the back of the scalp. Individual follicular units are then removed from the strip using stereo-microscopic dissection. Once the follicles have been harvested, the wound is closed, leaving behind a single, very fine linear scar.

Some patients might experience higher levels of discomfort with this procedure compared to other ones due to the potential swelling where the strip of the scalpers is eliminated.

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Procedure:

Just before the surgeon starts surgery, they trim the donor area short so that the grafts can be easily accessed and removed. For punch grafts, the doctor uses a special tube-like instrument generated of sharp carbon steel that punches the round graft out of the donor area so it can be replaced in the area to be covered, usually the frontal hairline.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Karachi:

Are you someone who is stressed about your hair loss problem? If yes, consider getting a hair transplant from HASH CLINICS as they have 100s of hair transplant patients before and after the videos/images results.

With a team of experienced and professional surgeons, and doctors, they provide you with guaranteed results. Their skilled team ensures that the entire procedure is a success. The advanced equipment they have at the clinic helps doctors in providing you with the best possible results. Moreover, surgeons, doctors, and hair transplant technicians are experienced and skilled and try their level best to minimize any side effects.

The success story of Farhan’s hair transplant

My name is Farhan. I shifted to Karachi a couple of years back. But for the past three years, I have been facing excessive hair fall, which made me conscious about the way I look and affected my self-confidence drastically. As a result, I searched and went to different clinics and consulted various doctors for suitable treatment. However, I was unable to find a suitable treatment anywhere until I saw this clinic online. So, I decided to visit this clinic and consult its doctors.

The doctors over here looked extremely professional and experienced. They guided me thoroughly with the details regarding my hair loss and how I could overcome it. They recommended the hair transplant process and highlighted the FUE and FUT hair transplant treatments. During my first session with the doctors, they told me everything about hair transplants and what makes me a suitable candidate for this procedure. They also discussed the cost of a hair transplant with me, which was quite affordable.

The doctors who conducted my hair transplant used highly advanced equipment and tools, which made the treatment painless. Due to the doctor’s experience, I didn’t experience any side effects at all. After multiple sessions, I could see these results; they were just how I imagined. Just a couple of months after the procedure, I had a head full of natural-looking and thick hair, which boosted my confidence and made me feel better about my overall looks.

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